Top 5 things to do in Berlin at Christmas: tips and tricks

Berlin, the extraordinary capital of Germany, during the Christmas period is able to flawlessly demonstrate its magical and enchanting side. Here are some tips, tricks and tips on what to do in Berlin at Christmas.

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  • Christmas in Berlin: where to go and what to visit
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What to see during the Christmas holidays in Berlin

Il Christmas in Germany is very heartfelt and to be precise, the real party falls on December 6 every year on the occasion of the celebrations of San Nicola “Saint Nicholas Day”.

Do you think that during the night of the eve it is customary to have children put their shoes in front of the house, as, according to a German legend, spirit of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, goes from house to house tonight to fill the shoes of all good children with delicious sweets.

Christmas in Berlin: where to go and what to visit

Berlin, the beautiful Capital of Germany, is a modern, dynamic, lively and cosmopolitan city that during the Christmas period bewitches anyone with its intense and extraordinary scents of cinnamon and marzipan and is able to release its incredible magical and enchanting side.

Let's see now what to do in Berlin at Christmas and which are the most characteristic neighborhoods to visit (obviously the Christmas period is meant and not just Christmas day).

Where to go for Christmas

Christmas Markets - Berlin

Scattered around the City of Berlin a myriad of Christmas markets and each of them has its own characteristic.

I Christmas markets that we highly recommend to visit are the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market which is set up between the Französischer Dom Church and the Deutscher Dom Church, the Christmas market in Charlottenburg Palace which is set up inside the castle park and is one of the most famous ever and the Berlin Christmas markets which is set up near Alexanderplatz.

The International Christmas Markets and of Bazaar markets which usually take place only during weekend.

Attend the Christmas Mass - Berlin

Attending the Christmas Mass in Berlin is an obligation and, with absolute certainty, we can assure you that it will be a unique and unrepeatable experience as, in all churches of the city, singing is considered the basis of the entire liturgy; in short, the Mass is transformed into a real one Christmas concert.

Le Most impressive churches in Berlin where to take part in the Christmas Mass are the beautiful and imposing Duomo (Berlin Cathedral) and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Chiesa commemorativa dell'Imperatore Guglielmo).

Brewery Tour - Berlin

Lovers of one of the most drunk drinks in the world cannot fail to make one tour of the Berlin breweries, could be understood as a "sacrilege" in the broad sense of the word.

Do a tour of the best breweries in Berlin it also means getting to know the characterizing aspect of this magnificent city at 360 ° and the ones we recommend, also with regard to the economic aspect, are the To the walnut which is in full Old Town (it is also pub), the Brewery center where the beers are home-grown and theHofbräu tavern where you can drink a lot of excellent beer in an environment where the spirit of the famous Oktoberfest is recreated.

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Walking or bus tour - Berlin

Getting around on foot or perhaps sitting comfortably on a panoramic bus are the best ways to discover the Christmas illuminations and most beautiful attractions of the City of Berlin.

Le Berlin Christmas illuminations they are nothing short of spectacular and in every corner of the city you can admire something particularly extraordinary.

The areas of Berlin where you can admire the most beautiful lights are Uhlandstrasse, Tauentzienstrasse, Kurfürstendamm andUnder the Linden, the tree-lined avenue in the Mitte district.

Christmas lunch or dinner - Berlin

Eating in Berlin at Christmas it's a very simple thing, it's just a matter of choice (some more problems could arise on Christmas Eve but already the next day, everything returns to full normality).

I Berlin restaurants that we recommend regardless of the Christmas period are, the Max and Moritz which is located in Oranienstraße, 162 Tel (+49) 30 69515911 and the Citadel economy to Spandau located in Am Juliusturm, 64 (Tel (+49) 30 3342106) which presents itself with a unique medieval setting.

We always recommend calling us well in advance to get more info on openings and chisure.

Berlin at Christmas: pictures and photos

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