Fehmarn, the island of wild rabbits

    Fehmarn, the island of wild rabbits

    I have a passion for Northern Europe and for Baltic Sea. I had read about this German island and passed it on my way from Germany to Denmark. Is called Fehmarn, is on the Baltic, is a small and rounded island, connected to the German coast by a long bridge, and therefore only quickly crossed by many because from here there are very comfortable ferries that in an hour take you to Denmark in Rodbyhav (there is no it's nothing to book, you queue at a toll booth, pay the toll, enter the hold, departure: everything is quick and easy).

    But Fehmarn for the Germans is a holiday resort - they call it Sonneninsel, the island of the sun - and in hindsight. To begin with, the climate seems to be particularly mild: when I went there it was August and the sun was shining, in Denmark it was almost 10 degrees minus. The other important factor is the natural beauty of this land, still rural and intact, very flat but protected from a naturalistic point of view thanks to a park, Grüner Brink which protects the beach.

    It is a typically north sea beach, white, windy, with vegetation very close to the water. And on this beach, in the evening at sunset between the dune and the sand, I met dozens and dozens of wild rabbits, whose ears were mainly visible, until, approaching, they leapt away. A beautiful scene, delicious.

    Fehmarn also has a center with its attractions, a castle, churches, very suggestive lighthouses and the works of architect Arne Jacobsen, which are interesting testimonies of a style, but for me it is essentially a place to take holidays of absolute relaxation: paths for walking, cycling and beaches not to be ending up with a seaside life that for us Mediterranean is a bit hard but has an incredible charm.

    I recommend camping Belt Camping which is right behind the sandy beach of Grüner Brink, with 100% ecological systems, beautiful caravans also for rent with 4/6 seats for rent at prices that vary, depending on the season between 52 and 72 euros per night.

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