Where to eat in Zagreb: 3 restaurants not to be missed

Zagreb is the ideal city to relax and eat excellent typical food after a long and busy cultural day.

zagabria it is a young and growing capital. In this city you can find all aspects of a Croatia that embodies the influences of different populations. Give her land specialties to those of the sea plus a choice of desserts that will satisfy every palate. In Zagreb they can be found clubs for all tastes, to break up a culturally demanding day, to end with a dinner in the upper town, or to toast late at night.

Where to eat in Zagreb: 3 restaurants not to be missed

Typical dishes to taste

The simplest dishes to find, even in the stalls selling street food, are the Cevapcici, meatballs of mixed meat of lamb and beef cooked on the grill, and meat sausages of various types, from pork to venison. Typical of Zagreb is the Zagrabacki odreazak, two breaded cutlets with ham and cheese in the middle: a variation of the cordon bleau that we all know. To warm you up on winter days, you can't miss the soups and, to close the meal, do not miss the typical sweets accompanied by the famous Maraschino, liqueur prepared with morello cherries.

Here are some tips on where to eat in the beautiful Croatian capital without moving too far from the center.

1. Konoba Didov San (Mletacka ulica, 11)

Close to wonderful St. Mark's Church, in the upper town, there is this typical one konoba, a tavern with a rustic flavor. Being in a central position, it is a restaurant visited by both tourists and locals: I recommend you book as it is almost always full. Also, it's one of the best quality / price restaurants in town.

Where to eat in Zagreb: 3 restaurants not to be missed

The inspiration for the furniture and dishes of the Konoba Didov San it is mainly Dalmatian, but you can find every Croatian specialty there. The Dalmatian raw ham it is homemade and served with fried potatoes, while another dish you must try is le fried frog legs wrapped in smoked ham. If you prefer not to risk, the meat dishes are many and all abundant.

2. Mali Medo (Ivana Tkalčićeva ulica, 36)

Enjoy a plate of Cevapcici in the pedestrian zone of Zagreb, or an afternoon dessert watching the constant comings and goings of this corner of the city. The Mali Medo it is a cozy place with a very pleasant outdoor area in summer. The list is long, but focusing on typical dishes you will find all the Croatian specialties of the case. Recommended grilled meat, accompanied by potatoes, or the goulash with pasta.

As with Didov San, also in this case the very central position of Mali Medo makes it a tourist destination. But the fact remains that the quality-price is high, with the possibility of accompanying the dishes with excellent ones homemade beers.

3. Vinodol (Nikole Tesle ulica, 10)

For a romantic dinner the Vinodol it's the perfect place. You can choose to dine indoors or on the veranda, which is heated in winter. The menu is extensive with many fish specialties, but the dish to try absolutely here is right there Zagrabacki odreazak, the chicken cutlet. Also there tartare it is excellent, to be accompanied with quality wines. To finish the meal try the hot chocolate patty, You will not regret it! The cost is a bit higher than the average of Zagreb restaurants, but it always remains low in proportion to portions and service.

Where to eat in Zagreb: 3 restaurants not to be missed

Croatian cuisine is waiting to be discovered, as is the capital of this beautiful country!

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