Villasimius and Costa Rei, the beaches of Sardinia

All the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Costa Rei area and Villasimius. How to get there, what to find and what precautions to have for a low cost but also a family holiday in Sardinia.

Villasimius it is located in the south-eastern corner of Sardinia just an hour's drive from the airport of Cagliari. The town attracts many tourists every year thanks to its magnificent beaches and Capo Carbonara marine reserve, with its depths rich in a varied underwater life.

Le beaches in the surroundings of Villasimius there are many (Porto sa Ruxi, Capo Boi, Is Piscareddus, Campus, Cuccureddus, Campulongu, Spiaggia del Riso, Santo Stefano, Cala Caterina, Cala Burroni, Cava Usai, Porto Giunco, Timi Ama, Simius, Is Traias, Manunzas and Punta Molentis) and easy to reach. The coastal road that connects Villasimius to Costa Rei offers breathtaking viewpoints and a succession of beaches, one more beautiful than the other, some very long, others more intimate and hidden: you are spoiled for choice. Here are the ones that absolutely must be seen, starting from Villasimius up to Costa Rei.

Port Rush

From the inhabited center continue in the direction of the marina and as soon as you pass the Notteri pond, turn left onto a dirt road that leads to the parking lot. In front of a spectacular beach from the white sand enclosed between the sea and the pond, where you can admire the pink flamingos. Walking along the path you can get to the tower at the top of the promontory from which you have a panoramic view of the coast: just what you see in all the postcards! The beach is super-equipped: umbrellas, deck chairs, hammocks, sun loungers, pedal boats and other boats for hire. The side under the Tower is more sheltered from the wind and is ideal for snorkeling: the water is transparent and has many shades of blue. Offshore it is possible to practice water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the ever-present wind.

Rice Beach

You have to follow the signs for the tourist port and before reaching it you will find it on the right. The particularity of this beach is precisely the sand which is formed by small grains that look like gods grains of rice. The granite rocks that pop out here and there in the crystalline sea are also of considerable visual impact. Here too the area offers many services to tourists (refreshment points, sports equipment rental, beach umbrellas and deck chairs).

Punta Molentis

It is definitely my favorite. Just follow the signs on the main road (SP18) that leads from Villasimius to Costa Rei. From the paid parking, you walk down a short beaten road, which leads to a strip of beach bathed by the sea on two sides. One half of the beach is characterized by rocks and rocks where the sea is very rough and with an intense blue color, the other half is completely the opposite: very fine white beach with pink shades, the sea, a table in turquoise and emerald green tones. At the bottom of the beach there is a small hill and it is worth reaching the top to fully enjoy the view. The beach is almost entirely equipped, leaving little space for the free beach. My advice is to avoid the high season, as it is very crowded. There are various refreshment points and at the bottom of the beach there is also a restaurant / bar perfect for an aperitif at sunset.

Rock of Peppino

Always driving along the SP18 towards Costa Rei you have to follow the sign indicating the "Camping Capo Ferrato" in Muravera, turn right and you will arrive at the parking lot. This cove is suggestive and is one of the most photographed due to the presence of a huge granite rock which rises from the sea. In front of the rock the water is low and on days with light wind it looks like a natural swimming pool. Precisely for this feature the area is very popular with families even with very little children. The rock also delimits the boundary between the beach of Punta Santa Giusta and the first stretch of the very long coast of Costa Rei.

Rei swimming pool

The long beach of Costa Rei starts from the Peppino rock and almost reaches the town of Capo Ferrato. Although it is a single long beach of about 8 km, each stretch has its own name (Scoglio di Peppino, Costa Rei, Piscina Rei and finally Ziu Franciscu). There are many accesses to the beach which is therefore easy to reach. Rei swimming pool it is located in the central part in front of a salt pan, the natural habitat of many pink flamingos. For those looking for the tranquility this is the ideal beach, given its length and breadth it is never too crowded. It is also perfect for families with children because the beach is of fine sand and the sea slopes gently. Here and there there are several refreshment points and areas for the rental of umbrellas, deck chairs and water sports equipment. This area is also very popular with surfers as the wind is a constant.

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