Caserta, where to eat the best desserts

Gluttons from all over the world, are you ready for a high glycemic index road tour? I will take you to discover the typical products and pastry-making excellences of the upper Casertano, passing through bars, pastry shops and restaurants where you can eat the best, in my opinion, is available on the market.

Starting point: Vairano-Caianello motorway exit. Simple, isn't it ?! Perfect. From here, we go down towards the center of Vairano Scalo to stop at the renowned Marano pastry shop. Armed with patience, we wait for the long line to thin out and order a mega slice of trifle that ... yum yum yum :)

From Vairano Scalo, passing through Teano, we reach the town Cross of Casale, in Carinola, where a delicious tiramisu cake awaits us Great Neapolitan Espresso Coffee.

Let's go down, therefore towards Sparanise, Where the Chestnut pastry will welcome us with its miniature of every shape and flavor. From Sparanise, then, we arrive up to Calvi Risorta where two stops await us. Stop baba at Parisi pastry shop to taste a giant baba with fragrant lemon cream; then, stop at Antica Cales Ice Cream Pastry Shop for a full-bodied ice cream and many typical sweets, seasonal or not.

Let's get back on the road, the next stop is there Alaia pastry shop a Vitulazio for a good tea, a nutella crepe with cream and chocolate or one of the dozens of varieties of pastarelle available.

Don't tell me you are already full, we are only at the beginning. Now we have to head to Capua, ice cream stop at Green Garden and then to Santa Maria Capua Vetere and here we will stay a long time.

In Santa Maria Capua Vetere there is really spoiled for choice. Let's start with the Catalan Cake of Sergio pastry shop (chocolate mousse, cinnamon cream and chocolate glaze ... impossible to resist!), then let's move on to Pastries Driving for a Sicilian cannolone with fresh sheep's milk ricotta the size of a 1 kilo mignon tray. And then there Cappiello pastry shop with the famous Polacchina (a middle ground between brioche and croissant, of disproportionate size, filled with custard and black cherry) or one of the many cakes among which it is really difficult to choose! For ice cream, there is Paletta d'Oro.

What to say? There are the classic lemon and strawberry or the strangest parmesan and licorice or the seasonal ones like pandoro. Try, try, try! If you are a connoisseur, a true one, you will surely know the award-winning Sal De Riso, whose pastry shop in Minori is a must for tourists from all over the world. Well, its desserts can also be eaten in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Just go to the Hangout Pizzeria, maybe eat one of his delicious pizzas and finish the dinner with the Salerno scents of the most famous Ricotta and Pere cake or with those of the Anastasia cake, a delicate white chocolate and almond mousse and creamy dark chocolate!

La Padulano bakery? Do we want to skip it? It would be a sacrilege. Croissants a rocher, coconut, hazelnut and so on and so forth. Warm and fragrant because freshly baked… for true connoisseurs.

And why not compare them with the croissants of La Notte a San Leucio? Who will win the challenge? Difficult to say!
Cake design enthusiasts will think they are in the land of toys when they enter the Pastry shop by Pietro Sparago, in Castel Morrone. If, on the other hand, you prefer the Sigh of the Angels, you need to go up to Caiazzo and to go from Sparono. The best, the original, is his. A truffle semifreddo with zabaglione cream and I don't know what else… what I do know is that once you try it, you won't forget it! If by chance it should be closed, no problem! Its desserts enrich the menu of the Pizzaria Pepe, there, a few steps from the pastry shop. We stay in Caiazzo for an ice cream Il Baffo d'Oro ice cream parlor where a very kind gentleman will serve us more than ice cream, delights!

We then finally go down to Caserta. Here too we will have a long way to go. To the two most famous ice cream parlors, The Little Monkey 2 and Green Garden, we must add the Cone e Vanilla Ice. The latter, above all, deserves a careful study also given the wide range of milkshakes and frozen yoghurt of the parterre !! Also in Caserta, the Chirico pastry shop and his Sospiro degli Angeli, almost as good as Spano's, are essential.
We conclude our tour at C, for a praise-worthy dinner and end of meal. Here the Nutellotta of the famous Neapolitan pastry chef Vincenzo Bellavia will be the sweet, chocolaty end of our trip.

Caserta motorway exit, therefore, and bye bye, see you on the next lap :)

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