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    Where not to get a cappuccino in Rome for € 3.50

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    Judit Llordés

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    For several reasons, I had to go in two days in a row coffee with wifi in Rome. Let's say the experience was not extremely positive. I looked for two places that had wifi, the first place I came across was a pastry shop, it's called Ferrari pastry shop in the Prati area, in front of the local market.

    Here I sat down and ordered a cappuccino and a biscuit that here they call ox eye, the shortbread biscuit with a round of jam in the middle. I got 4 little ones, I meant a big one, I thought, okay ... When I went to pay I paid € 3 for cappuccino and € 5 for biscuits :o

    The second place is theHotel Columbus in via della Conciliazione, the road that goes directly to San Pietro. Here is a really beautiful bar, the photo above represents some rooms, but it does not represent them at best. There are frescoes and a large veranda with a garden, comfortable red armchairs, in short, a really nice place. Here I only had a cappuccino and they brought me some small pastries to accompany it. Beautiful! The Cappuccino it costed me 3.50€, who knows what would have happened if I had asked for more I thought: D

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