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    The Stiffe Caves in L'Aquila

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    A natural remedy to isolate yourself from the whole world, immersing yourself in hollow of nature.

    Open all year round and with different entry times for the various seasons, the Stiffe caves, located inland Aquila (San Demetrio né Vestini), offer entertainment for underground explorers and not enthusiasts. They consist of a complex of cavities formed through a karst phenomenon, inside which a perennial river has created over time this cave of rare beauty.

    They are easily accessible keeping the city of L'Aquila as a reference point; away only 10 km, for a total of 20 minutes by car. The influx to the caves is intense on weekends, while during the week the visit is very pleasant, as you fully immerse yourself in the "noise" of the cave listening to its every movement.

    At the entrance to the route, a specialized guide will lead you into the bowels of the earth, with a vertical drop of 30 meters and a length of 700. Paying a ticket of only 10 euros and with an hour of walking, you have the opportunity to admire one of the pearls of Abruzzo.

    Near the caves, an accommodation area, consisting of bars and restaurants, gives the opportunity to taste local products, while a camper area (equipped with all drains and connections) also allows parking for several days. In addition, for trekking enthusiasts, there are also two different paths, lasting 45 minutes.

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