Madrid Rio: a new urban park for Madrid

    Madrid it is a city that gives no respite, between museums, monuments and above all crazy nightlife. Sometimes you need a little relaxation, especially when the heat is too stifling. Inaugurated inApril 2012, the new urban park Madrid Rio it is an immense and free space where you can walk or cycle to rest and look for a bit of coolness.

    The park winds through 10 Km following the course of Manzanarre between the metro stops Principe Pio and Legazpi. Along the path, which alternates on both banks of the river, there are play areas for children, skating rinks, football, tennis and basketball fields, one skatepark and an acrobatic cycling track for bmx, as well as a climbing wall. At various points in the park it is possible to rent bicycles, an ideal way to travel along its entire length.

    In addition to sporting activities, the park hosts cultural events of various types. The Slaughterhouse, an ancient slaughterhouse and marked for the livestock of the city, is an active and vibrant multidisciplinary art center, which ranges from cinema to literature, and organizes exhibitions, events and meetings.

    One of the most popular attractions is the monumental steel bridge of theArganzuela which faces the most famous and ancient Puente de Toledo, near the homonymous gate. The area is the beating heart of the park, with lovely outdoor bars, huge slides for children and three small beaches set around a three bodies of water with lots of sand and umbrellas.

    In addition to the three beaches, what most attracts the people of Madrid are the numerous and imaginative fountains installed around the new bridge. The splashes of fresh water invite crowds of children, adolescents and adults to throw themselves into the pools and play with the jets of water to find refreshment from the 40 degrees summer. Nobody can resist.

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