Hawaii, low cost vacation, here's how

    Hawaii, low cost vacation, here's how

    Another American city, another challenge: try not to get fainted. «The average expense for a Chinese tourist is 315$ per day, ”says the PR of the beautiful HaleKulani Hotel (5 *), but with us the rooms cost up to $ 7000. Mh, maybe it is good to give up a little luxury. There are good deals and packages offered by HotelPlan, or you can count on couch surfing. There are numerous hostelsBut beware: they could be overrun with students for spring break, a boozy weekend, or long, decadent summer vacation. If you are looking for a rock'n'roll holiday this is the solution for you. Sleeping is not always necessary.

    You don't need a car to visit the island. The bus service is great it's fast. It takes you from the airport to Waikiki, the island's most famous beach, the beating heart of Honolulu. In addition, a number of local buses can take you to all the most important destinations. Also avoid bikes: they cost too much, like renting any vehicle.

    Forget luxury restaurants and tourist jokes (submarine rides, acrobatic surfing lessons, impromptu Hula shows). Instead, focus on local culture, the authentic one of the native Hawaiians, grandchildren of the ancient Polynesian peoples, and on the splendid nature of these dream islands. Two "must-do": the beautiful Polynesian culture museum (the ancestors of the Hawaiians), the Bishop Museum, where to learn about art, traditions, movements of this incredible people who have crossed the Pacific far and wide, with much more modest boats than the caravels of colombo and the Northern Shore, with its beaches little traveled by tourists (a tip: if look for the wilderness and skip Ohau, the island where Honolulu is located, even if the transfer flight will cost you an extra).

    If you history buffsThe site Pearl Harbor it is definitely not to be missed. Entrance to the exhibits and memorial is free. While you pay - and handsomely - a visit to the naval station and to the USS Arizona, one of the iconic ships destroyed during "Operation Z", when the US first found itself on its knees. Look at the smug Japanese who visit the site.

    If there is an expense that you cannot give up, it is to make one swim with dolphins along the northern shores of Ohau. Beware of companies that take you by boat and do not let you dive into the sea (for that they ask for an extra) or to scoundrels who have no respect for animals and for the coral reef. The only result will be that you have thrown away a lot of money and only seen a few turtles from afar. However, there are companies like Sail Hawaii (sailhawaii.com) who know how to do their job professionally: respect for the environment, knowledge of animals, scientific competence and good travel organization. It costs a little more than other tours: but this will be the only non-low-cost experience. Aloha!

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