Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete useful information

Hello to all travelers, this is not just a travel story but a sort of useful guide for those visiting this magnificent land for the first time.

I state that this holiday a Creta it was unforgettable.

But let's move on to the advice immediately.

Personally I chose to book on the web to get an all-inclusive package at a good price (today it is possible to book from the web without having any nasty surprises, just rely on authoritative sites in the field of tourism).

I found some great offers and booked my vacation on the internet.

But let's move on to the advice on the road network of Creta.

Crete holidays useful tips

Its main route is the E75, a fast-flowing highway also known as New Road which almost entirely follows the northern coastline: it joins in 290 km.

Kastelli Kissamos I love you! Sitia has is.

Within it it is supported by some sectors, for example from Georgioupoli a Rethimno and Stavromenos a Iraklio, la Old Road n. 90.

Crete travel

Along the south coast, only in the eastern part of the island does a 40 km sliding coastal road develop. between Myrtles e Makrigialos.

For the rest, Creta it is crossed by a dense network of roads that join the two opposite coasts cutting the interior, often tortuous and with ups and downs, or branches that lead to inland locations or the sea, sometimes tiny.

The state of the roads is on average good, even if sometimes you can come across some bumpy sections; it is true that the most uncomfortable routes often lead to fairytale corners, both on the coast and inland.

Where to stay in Crete

As I said earlier, I relied on the web for both accommodation and flights by purchasing an all-inclusive package.

Compared to our friends, who have joined us in Creta, my wife and I saved quite a bit (they turned to a travel agency).

Crete holidays useful tips

In any case, given the small size of the island, I advise you to identify strategic locations in which to make a base from which to carry out ring or radial itineraries.

This is what we did, visiting the whole island a little bit.

Where to eat in Crete

La Cretan cuisine, then the Greek cuisine, is based on the products of the Mediterranean area, primarily oil, excellent meats, fish, vegetables and fruit.

It therefore easily meets the tastes of us Spaniards, even if sometimes the cooks tend to exceed in the seasoning.

The places where you can eat have different denominations, with sometimes nuanced differences.

Even if in the places of great tourist flow the sign RESTAURANTS is omnipresent, we can run into the TAVERN, which is an informal place, ideal for a single dish in the middle of the day; can be PSAROTAVERNA if specialized in fish; l'ESTIATORIO it is similar to the tavern but offers dishes already cooked in a casserole or in the oven and to be heated at the moment, often visible in a showcase exposed to customers.

Crete nightlife

il CAFENÌON is our old town café or inn, where under the pretext of a coffee, a OUZO (aniseed brandy diluted with water) or a RAKI (grappa), hours are spent chatting, playing Backgammon or do nothing. Unfortunately less and less widespread is theOUZERI, specifically the popular place where ouzo is drunk which, given its alcohol content, is served with a quantity of snacks sufficient to solve a lunch.

Crete holidays useful tips

What to eat in Crete typical dishes

Among the many, some "classic" and best known dishes are:

The Greek salad, similar to ours but with the addition of FETA CHEESE, the typical Greek sheep cheese.

La MOUSSAKÀ, aubergine soufflé, meat, potatoes and cheese

Crete holidays useful tips

Lo TSATZÌKI, yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumbers and garlic.

DOLMADES, meat and rice rolls.

organize a holiday in Crete choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL AND HOLIDAY FLIGHTS + HOTEL.

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Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

Crete holidays useful tips

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