How to visit the beautiful Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

If you are looking for incredible scenery, Horseshoe Bend is definitely worth a visit. The name was inspired by its unusual shape, a Horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located four miles southwest of Page, AZ, within the national recreation area of Glen Canyon.

This vantage point overlooks one of the most spectacular views of the Colorado River. The emerald waters of Colorado flow 340 meters below your feet, between beautiful orange rocks, designating a huge curve, from east to west.

How to get to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is located on the US Route 89 about 6 km south of Page. The ride is short and takes only 9 minutes by car.

  1. Da Page, take Lake Powell Blvd south and turn left onto US 89. Continue on US 89 leaving behind the fork that leads to Highway 98. Between the mile 544 and mile 545 turn right onto a rough road (small tourist signs indicate the site). You will immediately see the parcheggio where you can leave your car.
  2. Da Flagstaff, take the U.S. 89 north and follow it almost to Page. Follow the signs, at the intersection with the dirt road, turn left and enter the parking lot. The ride from Flagstaff takes approximately 2 hours.

Visit time

The walk takes about 45 minutes of round trip. Plus, allow some time to contemplate the landscape and take some photos. The total duration of the visit is around 1 hour.

What to see in Horseshoe Bend

After parking, you have to take an easy 2,4km walk on one sandy hill on a slight slope. Make sure you have some water with you because the heat can be felt quite in the middle of the day. However, you will find a small one rest area on the street where you can rest if necessary and where you can read the information panels on the attraction. From here the road is downhill to Horseshoe Bend.

Once you get to the edge of the canyon you will find yourself in front of a fantastic viewpoint! You can admire the Vermillion cliffs andplateau of Paria, behind you there town of Page and in particular, 340 meters below, the Colorado River which winds its way through its steep meanders and draws a beautiful curve of 270 °.

Be careful when taking photos. You will see people leaning out, risking their lives to take the best photo, sometimes without thinking about the risks. The cliffs are very steep as well there is no safety barrier on the site! So watch where you put your feet and don't leave children unattended. Our advice, choose your favorite place and lie down for the filming or to take the photo.

Alternative tours

If you dream of visiting the Colorado River from another point of view, you can choose the Colorado River Discovery offering Horseshoe Bend rafting tours. Another very nice option: a I fly over Horseshoe Bend e il Lake Powell. 22663 it 23393 3 Top sellers 630 true true hotsellers

Entry price

The site is dependent on the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and therefore the National Parks service, but theaccess is free.

The best time to visit the Horseshoe Bend

To take some beautiful photos we recommend you go there in late morning when the sun illuminates the maximum of the curve below. In the morning, much of the site is in the shade but this is the best time to avoid the heat. By 16pm, however, the colors will be brighter. Also sunset can offer a superb panorama.


The closest town to Horseshoe Bend is the town of Page, which has an interesting offering of hotels is important.

Find your hotel in Page and check availability


If you prefer camping, you should know that camping is prohibited on site, so campers will have to resort to Lake Powell campsites.

Climate of Page

The Page region enjoys an arid climate, the summers are very hot and very dry, while the winters are cold with little snow.

A few kilometers away

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  • Cottonwood Canyon Road
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Horseshoe Bend in Arizona
Arizona Horseshoe Bend – Colorado River – Glen Canyon –

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