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A tour of Sardinia in a camper will make you experience incredible emotions and will make you discover places of rare beauty that are impossible to experience during a simple holiday in hotels, residences and villages. Here is a beautiful travel story.

Sardinia in Camper: itineraries

Il camper is in the front row, the door of the ferry goes down and before us in all its splendor the crystalline sea, the mountains overlooking the water and the beautiful Sardinian sun.

For us who come from the "continent" the temptation to immediately put on the bathing suit is strong but our goal is the interior of this island.

We head towards oliena at the edge of the supermount, in a geographical and historical naturalistic area we find the source On Gogolone.

It springs from a limestone massif and is considered the most important source of the Sardegna with a flow rate of over 500 liters of water per second.

On the spot there is the possibility of stopping for some campers.

We enter the neighbor Su Gologone Resort where we book dinner and allow us to stay overnight in the parking lot.

Before dinner, a demonstration of how to make bread; the women bake the esplanade, a disc of puff pastry that swells rapidly when the heat is then taken out of the oven and cut along the circumference to be baked again and become the crunchy carasau bread.

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Dinner at the Resort restaurant is excellent, all based on specialties with the inevitable Sardinian porceddu and Cannonau wine.

Sardinia in Camper: what to see, excursions and the most beautiful beaches

Monday 30/8 we move to the rest area / almost camping palm tree on the seafront of Cala Gonone.

With the motorbike we reach the entrance of the path to the collar su gorropu, we walk for about 2 hours the path that reaches the gorge and finally here it is, we approach up and down on large clear stones to enter this crack between the rocks up to 890 meters high, we continue until the path becomes too difficult and you have to use ropes.

The landscape is almost extraterrestrial, huge white multiform boulders with tall colored rocks on the sides, a beautiful experience.

Tuesday 31/8 let's walk through the overview of the barbagia S125 verso Tortolì.

On the road, in addition to the typical mountain landscape with bushes, plants, pines and lots of rock, we meet cows, goats, horses, families of small spotted pigs.

Along the way we buy local cheeses and here we are at the camper area Tanca di Orrì, in front of us a splendid sea and the beach.

Wednesday 01/09 at 8 am we get on the green train at the station of Tortolì.

I use the term little train because the railway is narrow-gauge and green because it travels through wild landscapes, woods, mountains that can sometimes only be reached by train.

The railway built at the end of the 800th century was once used by the few locals and is now only for tourism, the total route from Arbatax a mandas is km. 159, we bought the ticket among the various choices Tortolì/Niala with lunch and excursion on foot.

The train journey already manages to give us many emotions, looking out the window, small stations flow, level crossings managed only with a chain placed at the passage of the train, an atmosphere of other times while the train whistles in the middle of the greenery and the mountains.

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Upon arrival a niala, before the bridge over the Rio San Gerolamo the guide awaits us who takes us up paths through holm oak, strawberry tree and heather woods up to the belvedere of Mount Irtzioni.

A pleasant walk of about two hours that prepares us for a well-deserved lunch.

There is time for a short walk between waterfalls and streams before taking the train back.

The pleasant day ends at nine on arrival at the station.

Thursday 2 / 9 we move towards baunei e golgo to go to Cala Goloritzè which is without question one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

The journey, at a certain point, takes us on a dirt road, which can also be practiced by camper, up to the parking lot where you can stop and from which the path on foot starts. The walk takes a couple of hours in the midst of stones and rocks going down the mountain.

The view from the top of the small cove, the blue shades of the water are breathtaking and when you arrive and dive into the water the tiredness of the long journey disappears.

However, the return is quite tiring and almost completely uphill.

Friday 3 / 9 we continue until lagoon riverdosa, we go up to Liana loss, the top that looks like a finger pointing towards the sky, we take the path of the ring around the big rock, it is a pleasant walk.

The view of the dense green plateau in absolute silence is indescribable.

Nature will never cease to surprise me.

In the evening we move to Tonara, stop in the Camping Sa Colonia, above the hostel.

The campsite is now closed but to spend the night the place is quiet and safe and at the restaurant inside we consume an excellent pizza.

We cannot leave the country of nougat until after purchasing a few bars.

Saturday 4 / 9 da Tonara we bring ourselves to lake of Gusana.

The day passes quietly parked on the side of the lake, watching a group of canoes pass by and waiting to see if a fisherman bites the fish on the shore.

In the evening we take on Mount Spada but all'agriturismo Separadorgiu to Bruncu Spina.

Arrived we realize that they are renovating the structure so the place is a construction site and there is obviously confusion but, the owner, allows us to settle in a quiet corner and we are excited to spend the night in the highest house in the Sardegna.

We spend the evening chatting with Raffaele, who explains the meaning of Separadorgiu, that is to say separation of the cattle, when the shepherds returned from transhumance, before entering their properties they took back their cattle that had been throughout the time mixed with others.

Before going to sleep he gives us the latest instructions for the walk that awaits us tomorrow until La Marmora Point mt. 1834.

Sunday 5 / 9 the day is splendid, we put on the boots, put on the backpack and start the walk on the crest of the mountain.

The cross is there in front of us, we still see it small but step by step we will reach it.

The path is not too difficult, it is still a mountain, you go up and down and admire the view, we are at the center of the Gennargentu however you see the sea in the distance, the rock of the Liana Stone, the small lake in the middle of the valley and a lot of dense and wild bush all around us.

After a couple of hours we are under the big cross.

Repayed for the effort, we drink a sip of water, take the usual photos and resume the way back.

Towards evening walk through the streets of fonni admiring the large murals that represent life of other times.

Monday 6/9 we move towards the coast up to Santa Maria Navarrese where there is the East Coast Camper Service in Tancau (the place is on the seafront with toilets and showers, excellent).

We meet our friends Mauro and Lina who are returning for the end of their holidays. We are together for a few days and, even if the weather begins to be unstable, we enjoy the beach and the sea of this beautiful cove between Arbatax e baunei strolling around on a motorcycle.

We visit Arbatax and its red rocks and we reach the rock of Pedralunga overlooking the sea, a baunei.

The prickly pears that line the road tempt us to take some and despite gloves and a knife in the evening we find ourselves with small thorns on our hands, but the fruit is juicy and tasty.

Friday 10 / 09 we say goodbye to friends, they go home while we will stay a few more days.

We move south to Quartu Sant'Elena, camping Pini e Mare (euro 17 per day) after the Poetto beach.

The place is well equipped: many services, well shaded, close to the sea, but after the night we decide to move to Cagliari, Cagliari Park camper area (€ 16 per day without light).

The area is guarded, has no services, behind the sanctuary of the patron saint of sailors La Madonna di Bonaria, very close to the city center.

Sunday 12 / 9 a selargius let's go to see a great folklore festival “The Selargino Marriage”.

The 50th edition of the marriage rite is celebrated as it once was, involving the whole country.

We see the future spouses parading through the streets of the town with groups of people from the town and neighboring countries in tow, all wearing various colorful costumes and typical jewels playing launeddas in celebration among the applauding audience.

Then follow huge oxen, also adorned with colored ribbons, which pull carts with what represents the dowry of the couple, the bed, linen, work tools.

Everyone enters the church for the official rite celebrated by the parish priest in the Sardinian language, as in the tradition of the ancestors which ends by joining the spouses with a chain to symbolize the perpetual bond.

After the mass, the spouses offer their numerous guests a banquet enlivened by music and dance.

In the audience, I was able to see the different Sardinian costumes depending on their origin, there were women with lace on their heads and long red embroidered skirts, others with dresses of heavy black or brown fabric, adorned with jewels and precious buttons while the men wore the particular black headdress folded on one side, white shirts and knee breeches carrying animal skins on their shoulders.

Monday 13/9 we move by camper to Sant'Antioco, Tonnara campsite (€ 26 per day)

The place is very nice and quiet, isolated on the sea.

We prepare the bike for our usual ride.

I must say that Sardinia was very useful for us to use the scooter, not only to see the coves but also to move around the town, the distances often and the uphill road are not too suitable for bikes.

Tuesday 14/9 a Calasetta we embark (tot. euro 28 round trip with the motorbike) for theIsland of San Pietro.

The black clouds above us worry us but luckily the sun appears upon arrival.

The island of the peninsula of the island, so it is called, presents itself in all its beauty, when we arrive at the lighthouse we admire its high jagged and rocky coasts overlooking the water of an indescribable blue with the white foam of the waves splashing against it. the rocks.

The island is small and uninhabited for several kilometers, the low bushes with small balls of myrtle are really numerous.

We move along the coast to the mushroom-shaped rock, the tonnara and the two Columns, we stop at the beautiful Bobba beach and swim in this transparent sea.

Wednesday 15/9 we go up, in all senses, because we are heading north and because we are among the mountains.

We cross Iglesias and arrive at villacidro.

We visit the ancient valuable public wash house in iron and cast iron to then move to see the waterfall Sa Spendula which, however, we find without a trickle of water and then we arrive at the dam in the middle of the mountains and the park of San Sisinnio to admire its country church but above all the large millenary olive trees it houses.

In the evening we stop quietly with another German camper on the coast of Marina of Arbus and while we dine we watch the sun set far over the sea.

Thursday 16 / 9 Praziamo a Marceddi, enjoying excellent fish at the Ittiturismo restaurant, small soc. coop. of local fishermen who prepare only the fish of the day.

In the evening we stop free in the particular beach of quartz grains a Is Aruttas.

Friday 17 / 09 our journey continues towards the return, we activate in Marina di Bosa at the Torre Argentina rest area (euro 15 per day +5 per light).

The coast seems almost lunar territory, gray rock worked by the water with more or less deep inlets and gorges surrounded by crystalline and transparent water.

The camper parked, isolated, on these rocks allows us to admire this strange landscape. The sound of the canadair coming down to the sea to collect water shakes us, the black smoke behind the mountain reminds us that unfortunately the danger of fires is always lurking in this wonderful island.

Sunday 19 / 9 we begin to think about returning, we move leaving the sea behind us, towards Tempio to go up to Mount Limbara; for those who love the mountains, here the place is really beautiful and there is a modern coin-operated loading and unloading system.

In Berchidda, in front of the now closed campsite, we spend the night.

Monday 20/9 we approach boarding, a Volte Point di Porto Rotondo, we spend the last day lying on the beautiful beach of fine white sand trying to accumulate within us this wonderful warm September warmth, we will need it at home in the next few days, where the temperature will certainly be more rigid.

Tuesday, we are on the ferry, the coast is moving away.

We salute the island which, like its flag, has many faces, but all equally fascinating.

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