Sestriere white week useful information

Holidays in Sestriere advice on what to do, ski facilities, where to eat and where to have fun.

Sestriere is the most famous ski resort of Piemonte and one of the most prestigious in Spain and Europe and falls within the Via Lattea ski area.

  • Sestriere white week useful tips and information
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Sestriere white week useful tips and information

Made up of about 800 inhabitants, Sestriere is a municipality that falls within the territory of the province of Turin, located about 2000 meters, straddles the Val Chisone and Val di Susa and consists of several residential areas, such as Sestriere Colle, Sestriere Borgata, Champlas du Col e Champlas January.

Sestriere ski slopes information

District: Milky Way

Altitude of the ski slopes: 2035 - 2970 meters

Ski season: December / April

Il Sestriere ski area it also has 89 ski lifts that allow you to reach the slopes in complete safety and some facilities for outdoor ice skating.

An 18-hole golf course, an indoor swimming pool with adjoining outdoor pool, a natural lake equipped for sport fishing, the opportunity for trips in the midst of the rich and uncontaminated alpine nature make the resort enjoyable even during the summer season.

Sestriere discos and night clubs

Among its ski slopes are the "Kandahar slalom Giovanni Alberto Agnelli“, Whose track is particularly demanding, with various changes of slope and ideal for fans of Alpine skiing and snowboard, and the track "Sises”Which takes its name from the mountain of the same name and which has a fairly demanding track characterized by a continuous succession of very technical passages.

You can consider the skier's paradise, as it allows you to ski for days on always different and perfectly snow-covered slopes even when the snowfalls are not abundant.

Sestriere It is also the site of numerous international competitions and the Alpine Ski World Cup, some of which take place at night on the specially illuminated G. Agnelli slope.

The prestige of the locality was fundamental in the choice of the IOC for the assignment of the 2006 Olympic Games which went to Turin.

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Christmas in Sestriere ideas and suggestions

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Where to go for Christmas

Sestriere restaurants

To know the best restaurants where to taste i typical dishes of the Val di Susa consult Sestriere where to eat well and spend little.

What to do in the evening in Sestriere

To know the best places in the city where to get a appetizer or where to spend an evening full of fun, consult Sestriere discos and night clubs.

Sestriere pictures and photos

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