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    Ristoaereo in Fiumicino - dinner discount for two

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    The initiative of Ristoaereo in Via Trincea Delle Frasche 90, Fiumicino. By "Like" the dedicated page on facebook and then sending an email to you will be entitled to a ticket for a dinner for two in Top Class on board the plane at the price of 30 euro per person instead of 50 euro per person.

    You will thus benefit from the "Romantic" tasting menu of sea or land including for each person: (water, bread, Rosè Mionetto included) entrèe, appetizer, first course, second course, dessert. Why take advantage of it now? For example, why the Ristoaereo is the winner of the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence in 2011; or maybe because you want to spend a super romantic evening with your partner in an extraordinary location taking advantage of a very advantageous promotional offer (which in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing is not bad); or maybe because watching Linea Blu by Raiuno, Sereno Variabile by Raidue and Men and Women by Canale 5, you noticed this restaurant and you have a crazy desire to feel special for a day.

    Aren't you convinced yet? Try to browse the comments on the official page of the Ristoaereo, you will find hundreds and hundreds of people who have already taken advantage of the promotion and who certify their satisfaction. In short, a thousand good reasons to take advantage and none to miss such an opportunity. So hurry up, the offer will not last forever!

    The Ristoaereo dinner for two offer has expired, we are sorry you can no longer book at this price.


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