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    NaturaSì, organic all you can eat in Verona

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    Someone called it the Italian wok-sushi, the all-you-can-eat at zero kilometer. Nature Yes is a self-service restaurant that offers all kinds of dishes, with only one common denominator: at their base there are only natural ingredients.

    The restaurant is also a reference point for lovers of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, given the vast assortment of dishes of this kind that are available to the customer. The price is fixed (lunch € 15, dinner € 18, Saturday evening € 21) and includes all the dishes available as a buffet, from appetizers to desserts, without forgetting the pizza, which can be made at the moment and included in the price.

    One thing that is surprising is the big one variety of dishes to choose from, which without exaggerating can get very close to a hundred different choices; just think that there are only about fifteen sweets!

    Another thing to note is the taste of the dishes. It immediately becomes clear that it does not seem to be in a restaurant, but to eat the classic "grandma's dishes", with that homemade and natural taste that fills your belly but not only.

    Like drinks, the water carafe is included in the fixed price and you can ask the waiter to have it refilled as often as you want. The rest, drinks and wine, remain to be ordered separately and are not included. Regarding wine, I have heard several negative comments about the price, so if you want to save money, stop at the water.

    On special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter or New Year's Eve, the restaurant organizes even more substantial lunches and dinners, or themed dinners are organized at a certain time.

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