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Lipari information

I have been to Lipari last year: a wonderful vacation.

I have stayed in Lipari center, not a Cane thicket, because in the evening it is much better to stay in Lipari, as in Canneto there are only bars and ice cream parlors, although, I want to add that in any case, even if you choose Canneto for your stay, every day there are buses that connect the two tourist centers.

Lipari clubs and discos

On the main street of Lipari center, that is the VITTORIO EMANUELE II, you can really find everything! In particular, in the small square at the end of the street there are beautiful little bars, and if you want to taste a very good granita .. well, the ice cream parlors in the square are the best.

If, on the other hand, you want to taste rotisserie products, on the course you will find the TAKE AWAY, where you pay only one euro for everything you get (you can find all kinds of pizza pieces, chips but above all delicious arancini !!).

Lipari night clubs and discos

We come to the discos.

What I liked the most was a disco with a terrace overlooking the sea Sealight then there is the tourmaline and from the first night you are there, you are invaded by the PR of each club, and by the organizers of boat trips, which I highly recommend.

Excursions to do in Lipari

As I mentioned I recommend the boat trips, they all have more or less the same prices.

Do not miss to go around the island, to go to Salina to eat the legendary Alfredo granita in Lingua (very small town of Salina) and Stromboli at night, to admire the enchanting and crazy lava flow.

Don't miss the visit to either Panarea..magnificent! Another tip: take the tour at caves of the island of Lipari, they are beautiful and don't forget to bring your mask and fins with you.

Lipari beaches

For the beaches of the island, in addition to that of Cane thicket, I recommend the white beaches, the beaches at the pumice quarries, and the mythical beach of Hot water, so called precisely because it has always hot water as it is located in a point of the island where the sun never goes away until sunset.

For those who want to continue exploring the island there are also beaches and coves that can only be reached by boat (to be rented from the many agencies that offer the service especially in reeds); the prettiest of all is Praia di Vinci, a small beach where you will find a particular "type" who has a kiosk where he cooks squid and fresh fresh sandwiches, too strong.

Keep in mind, however, that all the beaches are not of sand but of stones .. some larger others smaller.

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Lipari where to eat well and spend little
  • Lipari where to eat well and spend little
  • Lipari night clubs and discos

Lipari photo gallery

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