Lisbon guide and advice

Lisbon, capital of Portugal, is considered by all to be one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

When you visit it you feel a strong emotion inside that brings to mind the past, a past made up of legends and fascinating places that look out onto the great Ocean Atlantic, witness of the first adventures beyond the border of the old world.

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Visiting Lisbon useful information, tips and suggestions

The city is located at the mouth of the Tagus River and rests well on seven hills that decline in the natural inlet from which the historic safe harbor was created for navigators and explorers in search of new worlds in the distant seas.

The hills make the city a succession of descents and climbs, between ancient and narrow streets from which you can glimpse the sea.

Reaching the Alfama district, located in the upper part of the city, one realizes what Lisbon is still today, a mixture of ancient cultures that together have shaped its bowels and its society; Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Iberians, all contributed to the diversity of Portuguese culture, making Lisbon one of the most sought after capitals in Europe.

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Lisbon what to see, monuments and squares

In addition to the usual tourist tour that includes a visit to the most important monuments of the city, I would like to point out these must-see attractions:

Il Castelo de sao jorge, which stands on the site of the acropolis of the ancient city and dominates Alfama, the oldest inhabited district of the city, a little dilapidated and a little picturesque but beautiful and the only district of the old city that survived the earthquake, absolutely to be explored using the picturesque tram.

The most beautiful squares to visit are Martim Moniz, Rossio, Commerce Square and the others with relative bars such as the Marquês de Pomba Squarel with its monument dedicated to the nobleman who rebuilt the city after the earthquake, from which the “Parque Eduardo VII” starts, the largest park in the city, with an adjoining botanical garden.

Monument fascinating to see is the Jeronimos Monastery, extraordinary huge example of Manueline architecture (Manuel I) that houses the memories of the illustrious Portuguese, from Vasco da Gama to Luis Vaz de Camoes (the Portuguese Dante Alighieri) to Amália Rodrigues to Fernando Pessoa, and the Belém Tower from where Vasco de Gama left to conquer the empire.

It deserves to be visited on Botanical Garden, today little cared for and scarcely visited, but huge and rich in various species of plants and the King Christ, playing in a minor key of the Christ Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro), erected as thanks for Portugal's lack of involvement in World War II.

Lisbon Most beautiful beaches

Lisbon, being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, it is full of beautiful beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes.

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Le most beautiful beachesand are located in the area of Cascais, Alentejo e Sintra and are easily reachable both by train and by bus.

They absolutely deserve to be seen Estoril beach which, although it does not offer a wild landscape, is very well equipped and the water is very clean.

La Carcavelos beach it is ideal for those who love to surf because it is always breezy while if you want to spend time in complete relaxation you have to go to Big beach, Magoito beachAdraga beachMundai Beach Little, or the splendid Orsa beach(Ursa Beach).

Going down to the southernmost area of ​​Lisbon do not miss to see Costa da Caparica which is a wild strip of over 15km of beach.

Go absolutely to the Arrabida Natural Park where you will have the pleasure of seeing spectacular caves and coves.

Other beaches to see are there Sesimbra beach, Troia beach and Comporta beach but the most fascinating and beautiful of all is the Porto Covo beach and Algarve beach.

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