What to eat in Castelmezzano

Castelmezzano typical dishes and typical products.

Lucanian cuisine

La Basilicata, despite being a very small region, it offers one of the most renowned and appreciated cuisines in Spain.

Let's say that between the various cities of the region there is very little difference between typical dishes e typical products and, briefly, they are almost always the same (sometimes only the name of a dish changes but the ingredients are the same).

Castelmezzano typical dishes

La Castelmezzano cuisine it is very particular and highlights the old flavors of this beautiful ancient village.

I typical dishes of Castelmezzano are a perfect mix between typical dishes of Basilicata and typical products coming from Lucanian Dolomites.

The 10 reasons not to go on holiday in Basilicata

Here are the main ones typical dishes of Castelmezzano:

  • Strangolapreti with ricotta and mint
  • Baccalà la ciauredda
  • Potato and mushroom soup
  • Chicken in spicy sauce
  • Thistles with eggs
  • Calzone of herb
  • U Cuttiridd

Un advice is to taste (especially during the Easter and Christmas period) thelamb or kid with spices and grilled potatoes or sheep in the crock.

Other things that you must not give up are the "sauze'zWhich is a typical both sweet and spicy salami and the "Pizzatl”Which is the typical focaccia of Castelmezzano.

They are widely used spices,, herbs e Fava beans and a seasoning is used sauce from the name "Dressing”Which is made up of oil, various herbs, wine vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and sugar.

Among the typical sweets of Castelmezzano the famous "crostl"Which are of the dolci made with honey while the main wine isAglianico del Volture.

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