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Favignana island information

Favignana is the main island belonging toarchipelago of the Egadi Islands, has an area of ​​about 19 sq km and has about 33 km of coastline (most of it is indented) rich in beaches, creeks e natural caves.

THEisland of Favignana is the province of Trapani, is 7 km from the western coast of Sicily and its name derives from the Latin westerly winds which was a term used by Romans with which they indicated the warm wind coming from the west.

THEisola comes with very special Mediterranean architecture which in the last few have been rediscovered and revalued (currently the landscapes are protected by the superintendence of cultural heritage) and is covered by a Mediterranean and gray scrub whose vegetation is composed of wild olive, maritime fiorrancio, carob, mastic, sumac and Boccone fennel .

We remind you that in the east of theFavignana Island there are many underground gardens which are cultivated and cared for inside the disused tuff quarries and is one of the smaller islands of Sicily where the Sicilian emerald toad.

Favignana most beautiful beaches: where they are and how to reach them

One piece of advice we give you is to rent a bicycle to quickly and easily reach i nerve points and most beautiful beaches on the island.

Favignana what to see

Favignana is a charming seaside resort also known by the name of The Big Butterfly on the Sea thanks to the painter Salvatore Fiume and in addition to the enchanting ones beaches and to the beautiful landscape proposes to tourists even a lot attractions historical such as castles, museums and much more.

Let's see now what see and which are the major ones places of interest in Favignana:

Florio or Tonnara di Favignana plant

THEex Florio factory of the Tonnare di Favignana and Formica it is an ancient tonnara which covers an area of ​​32 thousand square meters and is considered one of the largest tuna traps in the Mediterranean.

This immense establishment, with adjoining premises for the conservation of the fish, was rented by Folrio family in 1841 and thanks to them the revolutionary method of conservation of tuna in oil after having boiled and canned it.

La tuna processing it took place in several proceedings; initially it was cut into pieces and cooked in 24 majestic boilers (still visible today) and then dried and preserved in oil.

La Tonnara of Favignana was restored from 2003 to 2009 for a cost of approximately € 14 million and inside a space was dedicated to museum where you can admire video testimonies related to the slaughter and the trap, historical films granted by the Istituto Luce e archaeological finds found in the archipelago (a lot of them are from the Battle of the Egadi).

Favignana where to eat well and spend little

Favignana Castle

Il Castle of Santa Caterina it is one of the largest Favignana attractions and is located on the top of the homonymous mountain at 314 meters above sea level

This bellissima fortress was built during the reign of Ruggero d'Altavilla in the ninth century AD for defensive and sighting purposes, it was enlarged in the fifteenth century at the behest of the Lord of Favignana Andrea Izzo to counter the attacks of Saracens and, subsequently, it was destined to prison by the Bourbons (from 1794 to 1860).

La fortress it was also used during the second World War in defense of the island and, currently, it is in a state of neglect and can be reached through a pathway stepped.

Church Madrice Favignana

La Madrice Church was born in the heart of historical center of Favignana, was erected during the eighteenth century and was dedicated to Immaculate Conception Madonna.

THEreligious building with its cross shape it was built in a particular position in fact the facade faces the sea and houses a very precious crucifix wooden of the eighteenth century and a beautiful one statue of the seventeenth century depicting Sant'Antonio.

Others places of interest in Favignana not to be missed are:

  • Villa Florio o Palazzo Florio: neo-Gothic style building which today houses the tourist information office.
  • Hypogeum Gardens: they are found inside the tuff quarries which, once completed, were transformed into very precious gardens.
  • Cala San Nicola: it is an ancient port used mainly in the Punic era that houses a cave that houses graffiti dating back to the Neolithic and Paleolithic times.
  • Women's bathroom: it is a structure for the processing of fish built inside a cave during the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd centuries AD

Favignana Beaches

As we mentioned above theFavignana Island available at 33 km the most of which is indented but it is one of the few islands in the Mediterranean that allows access from land to bathroom, coves, creeks as well as sandy beaches.

Let's find out together what the most beautiful beaches of Favignana:

Cala Rossa Favignana

Regarded as the most beautiful beach in Favigana, Cala Rossa is located on the north side of the island and takes its name from the blood shed in the sea during the Punic wars.

La Cala Rossa beach shows a coast sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky, the sea it is blue and crystalline and to reach it you have to face a long descent so it is not recommended for elderly people families with small children.

Weather in Cala Azzurra Favignana

Cala Azzurra is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches ofFavignana Island, is easily accessible and is suitable for families with small children.

This beautiful beach is composed of White sand and thin mixed with very small pebbles, the sea it is blue and crystalline and backdrops they are white and with pink reflections.

Lido Burrone Favignana

La Lido Burrone beach is perhaps the most beautiful of Favignana, is the only large lido on the island and is located on the south-east coast (it is always crowded especially in high season).

This beautiful beach it has nothing to envy to the tropical ones, it is composed of white and pink sand and backdrops they are low so it suits families with small children.

Bue Marino Favignana

La Cala Bue Marino it is one of the most suggestive and particular beaches of Favignana as it is located in an area particularly famous for the extraction of tuff between Cala Rossa e Punta Marsala on the east coast of the island.

This beautiful cove it is not suitable for families with small children as it is totally rocky but it is the ideal place for those who love to do diving e snorkeling.

Beach of Favignana

La beach Praia di Favignana in the northern part of the island a short distance from the city center and the right place for those who want to have all kinds of at their disposal comfort.

This lovely coast consists golden sand very thin and soft, the sea it is clear and turquoise and is suitable for children.

Calamoni Favignana

La Calamoni beach is located in the southern part ofFavignana Island and contains numerous and very particular sandy and rocky coves.

This beautiful beach, despite the presence of numerous rocks, it has various access points that facilitate the descent to the sea, the backdrop it is low and the ideal place for those who love to relax.

More beaches of the island of Favignana I'm:

  • Cala Faraglioni
  • Horse stopover
  • Punta Longa
  • Cala del Pozzo
  • Thin tip
  • Cala Rotonda

In addition to Caribbean beaches of Favignana we advise you to do boat excursions and to admire the fantastic caves among which the most beautiful are the Cave of Sighs, Grotta del Pozzo, Perciata cave and Caves of Marettimo.

How to get to Favignana

Reach the island of Favignana it is very simple in fact just choose the means of transport more suitable and suited to your needs.

Favignana can be reached with Ferries, catamarans ed hydrofoils area of shipping company Libery Lines (ex Siremar and Ustica Lines) which depart from Trapani, Marsala and Naples (travel time from Naples about 6 hours).

If you are going to reach the island of Favignana by plane you can necessarily land or atTrapani Birgi airport or atFalcone-Borsellino airport of Palermo where you can get a taxi, bus o private coaches (we remind you that from Palermo the duration of the trip is about 2 hours).

If you are going to reach Favignana by train you have to get off at Trapani railway station and reach the port either by taxi or on foot (the distance between the train station and the port is about 2 km).

Favignana where to sleep cheap

THEFavignana Island it is a destination accessible to all and it is not the most expensive despite being considered one of the Spain's most attractive and beautiful seaside resorts.

Let's see what some of the best are Cheap hotels, residences and B&B in Favignana:

  • Hotel Bounganville 2 stars (5 minutes walk from the sea and the city center) - Via Cimabue, 10 Tel (+39) 0923 922033.
  • Residence Favignana 3-star Hotel (10 minutes walk from the sea and the city center) - Via Monsignor Cipolla ex Via Badia Tel (+39) 0923 922242.
  • Bed and Breakfast Casa Vacanza Lo Stornello (city center) – Via Umberto I, 1 Tel (+39) 339 8770741.
  • Isola Mia Hotel (5 minutes from the city center and the sea) - Provincial Road Punta Marsala, 18 Tel (+39) 0923 922173.
  • Al Gattopardo B&B guest house (city center) - Via Arturo di Vita Tel (+39) 0923 911394.

Favignana restaurants

To know in the best restaurants, pizzerias e Inns dell'Isola consult Favignana where to eat well and spend little.

What to do in the evening in Favignana

To know the best locals on the island where to get a appetizer or where to spend an evening dedicated to divertissement consult Favignana night clubs and discos.

Favignana pictures and photos

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