Fiji Mana Island information

Fiji Mana Island information and useful tips for a dream trip

Just got back from a heavenly place called Mana Island.

When do you start to realize you are in a real paradise? Definitely from the seaplane.

You can enjoy a breathtaking view and you can see these white sand islets that emerge from the water surrounded by the dark of the corals, truly leave you speechless.

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Holidays on Mana Island useful tips and tricks

Mana Island it is a fairly large island in the shape of a boomerang and the space used as a resort is limited, so as not to spoil the landscape and vegetation.

There are several on the island beaches, all very beautiful with fine white sand.

The reef is easily accessible, just a few steps and you are already surrounded by lots of fish and corals.

The variety of fish is incredible and for shark lovers there are also those in fact we did some close encounters and they weren't even very small.

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Mana Island what to do and local

The days on the island are spent under the banner of Relaxing and total tranquility, on the other hand with the "Fiji team"Local you could not do anything else.

Calm reigns supreme there, a whole other thing compared to our hectic schedules and days.

Sun, sea and coconuts to eat and the palms overloaded with fruit were certainly not lacking.

The weather was more than mild, out of 8 days it rained only once.

Mana Island when to go and weather

How climate we were around 27/28 ° C during the day and just over 20 ° C in the evening, temperature which might seem low on the surface, but I assure you it was really hard to stay in the sun.

Super protection is absolutely mandatory because the ozone hole is very high in those areas.

Il best time to go there is during our summer (their winter therefore) because it is considered the driest season.

In any case, even in summer (them) the temperature shouldn't change much just a little more humidity.

Mana island where to stay and what to eat

On the island you will find luxury resorts but also more modest hotels suitable for everyone.

The rooms of the resort are the classic Fijian “bures”, basic but very nice.

As usual there are the classic ocean views.

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The cuisine was really tasty, with different menus for each day of the week ... European, Maldivian, Indian, Chinese, etc.

I think the local people deserve a very positive note, as well as being extremely nice, they are very hospitable and kind and not just because the work requires it.

It was a spectacular week that I will never forget.

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Mana island photo gallery

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