Campitello Matese white week

Campitello Matese is located at the foot of the Mount Miletus on the Molise Apennines, about 1400 meters above sea level.

Campitello Matese is one of the most active and important tourist resorts in the south, as the country has one of the largest ski areas in the southern Spain.

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Campitello Matese useful tips and information

The ski slopes rise up to 1450 meters above sea level at the base of the area, to then climb up to the 1900 meters of the summit: over 40 kilometers of Campitello Matese ski slopes.

Lifts and ski slopes

Le ski slopes they are served by various ski lifts: six lift and two chairlifts which are at the forefront of service equipment.

These ski slopes are varied in offer and are well prepared for the practice of both beginners that of experts.

But Campitello Matese not only offers skiing, it also offers other attractions: the town is equipped with a modern system of artificial snow, which allows you to keep the area open even in the event of no snowfall; for lovers of freestyle Campitello has a splendid mogul run in the area, but they can also enjoy some splendid itineraries backcountry with natural paths.

Campitello Matese: what to do in summer, where to ski and altitude

Ski school, rental and fun

On the territory there are two ski schools that make use of qualified instructors and in possession of an excellent technical background.

For fun, there is the possibility of following tracks from grain, carving (with the possibility of renting equipment), ski slope from skating etc. Beginners will enjoy the presence of many easy slopes and for children there is also a nice and equipped snowpark.


In addition to the extensive ski offer Campitello Matese has a truly varied environment rich in woods, artificial lakes and volcanoes, caves and caverns, stony ground, splendid destinations during the summer season, and for the most demanding you can also practice outdoor disciplines such as football, horse riding, trekking, mini golf , archery, tennis, basketball, volleyball, the hotel offer is very wide.

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Christmas holidays in Campania

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Have a good trip everyone!

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