Eating at night in Milan: 10 places open after midnight

Is it 2 am and you can't see us anymore from hunger? Here's where you can go eat at night to satiate the munchies or sudden nighttime cravings. I would enter the salami sandwich in the list of life-saving drugs and I would propose the beatification of these restaurateurs. In the end they are almost saviors of the homeland and of the whole of humanity.

Milan center

1) Sandwich Lima (Corso Buenos Aires)

This sandwich shop (this is written on the sign .. what a fantasy eh !?) has existed for at least 30 years, and is rightly considered one of the best in Milan ever.

The choice of sandwiches is really wide (it will take you half an hour to choose one), and one is better than the other! The two historic “paninari” are always there, behind the glass, preparing bursting sandwiches with great care and professionalism. It closes at 2am but it depends.

2) Kiosk in front of the Court (Corso di Porta Vittoria)

If you pass here at night you will see the queue to grab the “Boschetto” sandwich, a must have for aficionados. In reality, the wraps are also excellent, de gustobus! This kiosk has existed for several years and is well known by the Milanese night owls. He has a few small tables on the sidewalk to stop and eat his sandwich in peace. Open all night

3) Quadronno Bar (Porta Romana)

This is no joke, we are talking about the first sandwich shop in Milan, open since 1964! The Quadronno Bar is a historical place, indeed .. mitico! Famous for the aperitif, but above all for the special sandwiches; personally I love Montenapoleone (culatello di zibello and stracciatella di latte). Closes at 2

4) All Fried (Columns of S.Lorenzo)

Tutti Fritti is the best fritti & beers in town !! From my friend Buster you will get the craving for fried food: cutlets, shrimps, artichokes, chips, cheese, polenta, porcini mushrooms (in season), courgette flowers… everything to scream!

You have the choice between 20 different sauces and many labels of craft beers, ask the host for advice and you will not regret it! It closes at 2am, but does it depend?

.. little outside 

5) Le Capannelle (Viale Papiniano)

Le Capannelle, a real institution in the city! Why eat a post-ballad sandwich when you can make yourself a string at the rock? Incredible wildlife and good food..J'adòre! Closes at 6

6) Grains & Embers (Porta Garibaldi)

Restaurant, Pizzeria and Steak House open until 2. The atmosphere is beautiful and the food is good. Fortunately, it is slightly out of the way of the posh / tamarre situations of Corso Como. Closes at 2

7) Pizzeria Calafuria (Viale Marche)

Restaurant with first and second courses of meat and fish and pizzeria. Here too the motto applies: Why make me a sandwich when I can eat a whole steak?

If you want to be comfortable and served at the table, this is the place for you! Closes at 2

8) Pizzeria / Cornetteria in Via Ferrante Aporti (almost at the corner of Viale Brianza)

I don't even know if this place has a name, but for all the aficionados of the Tunnel and Leoncavallo it is an institution! Until dawn here you will find slices of pizza (honest, then at that time you would also eat the soles of your shoes!), Croissants and various shortbreads. Saviors of the homeland (and of the stomach) too. Open all night

9) Also Forno (Island)

This is a new entry in the Milanese night scene. Forno is also a little hole that sells good slices of pizza and croissants at very fair prices. Among other things, if you find yourself drinking on the island and you don't want to get there, you can wait for their bike service, which goes around the neighborhood with slices of pizza and hot croissants. Real genes! Open until 4

10) Mergellina Bakery (Porta Romana)

Mergellina Bakery means hot croissants and bombs of the Neapolitan tradition. Do you want to end an evening with a flourish? Get yourself a Maradona Plus Bomb and go to bed peacefully! Closes at 3.

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