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Genova's aquarium

THEGenova's aquarium every year it offers a rich and articulated calendar of events and appointments to fill up on experiences and emotions.

THEAquarium Village is an extraordinary and incredible reality where you can freely choose, based on the time available and with maximum flexibility, the most suitable moment to experience 5 different emotions: immerse yourself in the depths of the sea atGenova's aquarium, discover the The Biosphere known as "The Bull of Renzo Piano", experience science and technology through play, travel through the history of navigation to the Galata Museum of the Sea and visit Genoa from above on the Bigo panoramic lift.

The Biosphere - Acquario Village

all'interno of The Biosphere, children and their families will be able to discover the secrets of the plants that provide the raw material for the realization of many products.

The 5 things to see in Genoa

They will thus learn to recognize some plants such as cocoa and vanilla and will also know their origin, their nutritional properties and use in the food sector.

The City of Children and Young People - Acquario Village

all'interno of "The City of Children and Young People", the "very young" will be actively involved in educational workshops where they can discover the secrets of a snack and a balanced breakfast.

The scientific animators will teach them to recognize the right natural ingredients and will explain the importance of combining them according to very specific rules for the realization of some foods.

Here children will also have the opportunity to “put their hands in the dough” and discover the secrets of leavening biscuits and snacks.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to take home the chef's hat with which they ventured into the activity.

Internal activities - Acquario Village

Inside theGenova's aquarium biologists lead young and old on a journey to discover the nutrition of marine animals and their babies.

The children will thus begin to familiarize themselves with the concept of daily caloric needs and will learn about the differences between that of fish and that of humans.

Among the shark tanks they will discover that these are not voracious animals at all, on the contrary, since they have a better energy yield, they eat less than other fish in proportion.

By observing dolphins, marine mammals, they will know the nutritional characteristics of the milk with which the mother dolphin feeds the baby, the duration of breastfeeding and how the feeding changes during growth.

Next to the piranha tank, the scientific guides of theAquarium Village they will explain to them the diet of this predatory fish, mistakenly considered dangerous for humans, and the hunting strategies.

Genoa where to eat well and spend little

Instead, near the penguin tank they will learn that these funny animals contain a real pantry inside the stomach that allows them to store food during the long winter fast.

Acquario Village - useful information

Within the area ofAquarium Village you can move comfortably aboard a small train whose price is included in the entrance ticket and you can also take advantage of the agreements that Costa Edutainment has stipulated with selected refreshment points, shops, parking and other facilities in the area to make pleasant your stay.

Trips and excursions - Aquarium of Genoa

THEGenova's aquarium also offers very interesting excursions and boat trips on the Cetacean routes, as part of the Delfini Metropolitani research project.

Usually, every Saturday, they also leave excursions by boat to discover the cetaceans of our seas organized in collaboration between theGenova's aquarium and WWF.

Aquarium of Genoa - prices

I ticket prices for the Genoa Aquarium start at 22 euros for adults, from 18 euros for children (4-12), children up to 3 years enter for free, the reduced ticket is valid for military personnel, seniors over 65 and people with certified disabilities issued by a special body.

The assistant of 100% disabled people, provided with a certification document to access the structure, has the right to free admission.

If you decide to visit all attractions of the Aquarium Village prices are much higher so to access offers and promotions we always recommend visiting the website

Aquarium Village pictures and photos

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