Where to eat in Naples: the best pizzerias, pastry shops and trattorias

In addition to the undoubted beauties of the city, Naples guarantees a memorable dining experience, especially if you are carbs-addicted like me! In Naples there are places to really eat at every meter, pizzerias, fry shops, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants… one temptation after another! Get ready to get fat, it is impossible not to, but you will enjoy a lot. Among other things, it costs very little !! Obviously, there are also combed restaurants, but in proportion they are very few; in Naples you can still eat very well by spending very little, especially if you focus on pizza or street food. In Naples fish cuisine is also excellent, but I will not deal with it in this article where I will focus more on tradition. You are ready?? I hope you will like it because, because of you, I suffered to death writing it not being able to eat all these delicacies!

The best pizzerias in Naples 

  • Gino Sorbillo: a historic family in Naples, 21 pizza chefs, for a classic pizzeria in Spaccanapoli. They have several locations, including a fried pizza shop in Piazza Trieste e Trento. 
  • Antica Pizzeria Da Michele: since 1870, an institution! You have to go and get the number and then return calmly .. The queue you make to eat his pizza is not wasted! Only 2 pizzas, the classics: margherita and marinara. There is also another one  
  • Brandi: overlooking Via Chiaia, Pizzeria Brandi was the first, yes, it is here that Pizza Margherita was invented, in honor of the Queen in 1889. Very good!
  • Donna Sofia (to the Courts): it is based in a historic bakery in Via dei Tribunali. Since 2012 it is a small place dedicated to classic and gourmet pizza: try the Donna Sofia pizza with provola, a must !!
  • The President's daughter: another historic pizzeria in Spaccanapoli famous above all for fried pizza, of incredible size and very good.  
  • starita: excellent and historic pizzeria in Materdei, near the Archaeological Museum. Very good and light pizza (always within the limits of a Neapolitan pizza). A gem, you see in the film "The gold of Naples" where Sofia Loren was the pizza maker. 
  • Conception to the three Saints : an institution of the historic Rione Sanità. Don't miss out on one of the house specialties: pizza with a cornice stuffed with salami and ricotta. 
  • 50 Kalò by Ciro Salvo: one of the best pizzas ever! You will have to queue to enter this pizzeria in Mergellina, but it will be worth it. The variety of pizzas on offer is particularly wide and even the undecided will find pizza for their teeth.

The typical trattorias of Naples 

  • Matteo's: let's start immediately with a level street food, one of the best ever in Naples. Historic fryer (and pizzeria) in Via di Tribunali, it is famous above all for its omelette and Italian-style fried food. The pizza is also excellent.  
  • Dairy Marigliano: this is a real treat that introduced me to a Neapolitan friend! We cannot speak of a trattoria, but rather of a grocery with gastronomy, with some tables where you can lean on to eat. It is located a stone's throw from the Central Station and has terrific mozzarella! I highly recommend that you prepare a nice sandwich with mozzarella or scamorza cheese to eat on the train or on the spot: you will lick your fingers!
  • Nardones: a typical trattoria and pizzeria on the border between the Spanish districts and via Chiaia. Small and rustic, you can eat a good pizza and excellent traditional dishes. 
  • From Nennella: an institution of the Spanish Quarters. You will find that you have arrived in the right place from the delirium of people waiting to sit down. The queue is worth the wait! A good, free-range and folkloristic trattoria. You eat on plastic plates and in the middle of the caciara, a very naponital experience!
  • Leon d'Oro: this restaurant overlooks Piazza Dante. I always come there to eat the great classics of Neapolitan cuisine (gnocchi alla sorrentina, caprese cake, etc.). A gem: if you ask for the baba they will also bring you a tub of liquid chocolate!
  • Ancient Capri: a micro trattoria in the Spanish neighborhoods (it will have 10 tables at most), with excellent typical cuisine and seafood. Excellent quality / price ratio and very courteous service (as almost always in Naples I must say ..).
  • Osteria of the tile: a place to which I am particularly fond of and to which I always return. The place is very small (only one room, with 6-8 tables at the most), very suggestive and warm. Managed by a husband and wife, the kitchen is practically visible. I dream of meatballs with sauce at night !! I forgot, it is located in the upper part of the Spanish Quarters.
  • Renzo and Lucia restaurant: this restaurant is of a completely different kind compared to the others (and it is not a trattoria), but I wanted to include it because it has a crazy view that alone is worth a visit. It is located in Vomero, almost in front of the entrance to the Certosa di San Martino, and has a magnificent terrace for an aperitif or dinner with a spatial view in front of your eyes. 

The best pastry shops in Naples 

If you want to have an overview of Neapolitan sweets, I recommend this free tour of the best pastry shops in Naples (lasts 2h). In general, you can not miss any of the 8 pastry shops that you find below, I warn you!

  • Gran Caffè Gabrinus: the oldest bar-pastry shop in Naples is located at the corner with Piazza del Plebiscito. It is a literary café, with a beautiful interior. Needless to say .. the coffee here is excellent (ditto the pastry)!
  • Professor's coffee: the real coffee (with a capital C!) of Naples; it is located a few steps from the Gambrinus. Everyone comes here to enjoy classic espresso or hazelnut: a must!
  • Scaturchio: historic pastry shop in the heart of Spaccanapoli, located in the beautiful square of San Domenico Maggiore. Here you must absolutely taste the house specialty, the "ministeriale", a chocolate medallion with a creamy heart (secret recipe, of course!).
  • Gay-odin: historic chocolate shop in the center of Naples (today it has more offices than the historic one in Via Toledo). Both desserts and ice creams are excellent. 
  • Pintauro: it is precisely in this small pastry shop on Via Toledo that the sfogliatella was invented in 1785. You will only have to choose between riccia and sfoglia, but you will always fall on your feet! 
  • Chalet Ciro Mergellina: the first time they told me about it I thought it was a joke, a chalet by the sea !! Well yes, in Naples it is evidently used to define a kiosk (in Rome the chalets are only found in the mountains haha). Ordunque, this very popular kiosk is located on the seafront of Mergellina and is famous (among other things) for the staple, a kind of fried donut (very light as you can imagine!). It is open until late at night (but you will always queue).
  • Bar Nilo : this bar in Spaccanapoli is located in Piazza Nilo and is famous, as well as for its coffee, for the altar dedicated to Maradona that is inside. The entire bar is a tribute to the great footballer (there is also a mural dedicated to Maradona out there). 
  • Fratelli Seccia Bar-Pastry Shop: this pastry shop near Piazza Municipio, in addition to being good, became famous when, in 2009, the owner rebelled against the request to pay the lace to the Camorra, and the latter, in response, set the restaurant on fire. In a short time Mrs. Lucia and her 2 children have then reopened, with courage, and I find it always right to support good people. Go there !!

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