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    Weekend in Tuscany: food and friends in a farmhouse

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    This weekend I'll be in Tuscany, or rather I'll be in Montaione, Between San Gimignano, Volterra... in short, in the most beautiful and true Tuscany. Two nights at theFarmhouse in Tuscany Belmonete Friend's holidays Laurel.

    The departure from Rimini is scheduled in the late afternoon to arrive at Belmonte Holidays in the evening. My friends and I rely on Lauro and his contacts for a late Friday evening dinner. We need to make a clarification, as was recently pointed out to us ... no, we do not expect the worldly life of Rimini over the weekend, but we want and expect relaxation, food, good wine and lots of fun, Tuscany is a teacher in this, it's not true?

    For the moment they have been recommended to me Iano two rooms. The Antico Borgo restaurant which is located near our farm, to be precise, 3 km from San Vivaldo, so at least the first evening we can eat in peace after a long drive and rest :) Another restaurant that we will consider for the first evening is The Piazzetta el Borgo, here they suggested tripe and tomato soup:)

    Always near San Giminiano, precisely a Gambassi Termeis located The Montagnola, excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, if we leave out the first. What does the kitchen propose? Steaks, cut, Fried rabbit, game and some fish too, not bad.

    Before San Gimignano meets the Chestnut here too excellent Tuscan specialties e low cost price and possibility to eat outside.

    A Saint GimignanoI have recommended a couple, just a couple, but apparently very good; ) The old walls just 150 meters from the main square, which however from the site is closed until March 17, too bad, at least for us. They had told me about Tuscan specialties at reasonable prices, its terrace on the hills of San Giminiano is very famous.

    Finally,Osteria del prison where a simaptic lady manages a few tables distributed at the entrance and on a lovely mezzanine specialty grandmother's classic Tuscan ones like Ribollita, o l 'cooked water, and finally a peculiarity: instead of dessert you will find panettone all year round and the coffee brings it to you by delivering one directly mocha huge steaming. The price even if in the center is really affordable. Here two reviews on 2 strings, we hope to at least write one more; )

    Finally one last piece of advice comes from ArsHotel I met on twitter, for San Giminiano I recommend the Da Pode Restaurant.

    E now it's your turn, yes, we need more advice on food and clubs, because in Tuscany we expect to eat well and have fun; )

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