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Where Santa Claus lives

Il Santa Claus country it truly exists and is in Lapland 8 kilometers north of Rovaniemi.

Since the XNUMXs, Santa Claus has been going to the Polar Circle to meet the children.

Right here, a Polar circle, in 1985, he established his office where he comes every day of the year to meet young and old and to listen to wishes on gifts.

Useful information about Lapland

For those who want to visit it must know that in Lapland winter is long and dark e there is always snow.

The sun does not rise at all: it remains below the horizon.

A bluish darkness falls everywhere.

La month, stars and, at times, magnificent aurora borealis, illuminate the landscape.

The temperature can drop as low as -20º C - 40º C.

According to an ancient legend, the Northern Lights appear in the sky at the same time as a fox runs between the slopes and its tail hits a snowdrift that emanates trails.

Where to go for Christmas

Rovaniemi useful tips and information

Known as the city ​​of Santa Claus, with its approximately 40.000 inhabitants, Rovaniemi it hosts a quarter of the population of the Finnish Lapland and is therefore considered the capital, located on the Arctic Circle at 66 ° 30 'north latitude.

In the winter months, as already mentioned, reigns supreme polar night, the sun rises and sets in a few hours remaining low on the horizon, the temperature is rigid (averages -3 ° C-9 ° C).

Rovaniemi things to do, excursions and fun

In any case, the temperature allows you to practice numerous sporting activities with appropriate equipment; cross country descents on illuminated slopes, ice fishing, excursions and snowmobile safaris through snowy woods and dog or reindeer sledges. Rovaniemi is the Christmas capital of the world.

Also you can meet Santa in his workshop, send postcards from the Santa Klaus post office on which the elves will attach a special stamp and affix the original and unique Santa Claus stamp.

Rovaniemi what to see and places to visit

During your stay a Rovaniemi it is possible to visit, in addition to the village of Santa Claus (2 Km from the airport), the new one Santapark, underground park located 5 km from the center and inaugurated in 1999.

It will be exciting to enter the heart of the mountain for an unforgettable experience: magical rides, stalls, games, multivision shows and the magical sleigh will catapult you into the atmosphere of the Arctic Christmas.

Also just an hour's drive from Rovaniemi is it Zoo di Ranua, another interesting excursion for the whole family: it hosts about 50 arctic species, some in hibernation and others free to roam in the snow! The Arktikum complex, also not far from Rovaniemi, contains the Arctic Center and the Regional Museum of Lapland: here visitors will be able to learn about the past and present of the region, the history of the survival of man in the environment of the Far North, the habits and customs of the Sami people, those of Siberia and Alaska and the Inuit of Canada and Greenland.

Christmas holidays 2020: the coronavirus does not stop Lapland


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