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    The genius of the two Sicilies lands in Naples

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    The traveling exhibition The genius of the two Sicilies will remain at Naples up to 4 November: after Palermo and Paris, the collection of design works also stop in the Neapolitan capital. The vernissage divided into three events was held last night between the Dafna Home Gallery, Keller Architettura and Primo Piano Gallery.

    The exhibition sees as protagonists the works born from the genius of the main ones designer made in the south: tables, chairs, lamps that have been designed by overturning common perspectives and uses. Works united by a single great purpose: to give a new quality of daily life. The exhibition project was created by the will of the architect Giuseppe Finocchio who, when interviewed, says: “It all started following the celebration of the Unification of Italy. I had started to read up on the state of architecture and technology of that historical period and I came to the conclusion that the South was in a condition of clear superiority, not only economic but also technical, compared to what was the condition of Northern Italy. . From there I began to consider the idea of ​​creating an exhibition with works by contemporary designers from the South. The first exhibition was held in San Marco d'Alunzio in the province of Messina. The moderate success then allowed me to bring the exhibition to the Palermo Design Week of 2012".

    Il success recorded was beyond expectations, so much so that soon other works by other artists were added to the collective. The creative vivacity then allowed the entire collection to be exhibited from September 14 to October 14 in Paris, at the Palazzo del Pantheon. From there then, the last stop in Naples.

    “At the moment the stage of Belgrade and we have not yet confirmed the others ", says the creator" This exhibition aims to be a showcase for all these creatives who do not have the opportunity to show and share their works: some projects were then purchased by design enthusiasts "
    Among the guests of the evening was Gennaro Russo, a rising star of Italian design who, with his works Traccia and AppendiTi, recorded considerable interest from visitors.

    “I am honored to have participated in this initiative” he says “Unfortunately, the conditions in the world of design are tied to the concessions of patents and financiers, which, as you can imagine, are scarce especially in times of crisis. The only thing that never fails is creativity ”.

    The exhibition will remain in the capital of Campania until 4 November with free admission in the DAFNA Home Gallery, Via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi 76, Keller Archiettura, Via Foria 106, Primo Piano Gallery, Via Foria 118

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