Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Early morning departure from Orio al Serio we are two families for a total of 7 people.

The departure takes place on time, the arrival at Prague even a little early.

The weather is cloudy but tends to clear up. (Fortunately we will meet three days of fair weather, with sun and only occasionally some cloud cover, ideal for those who want to move to visit).

We collect your luggage immediately as the Prague airport is modern, functional, clean and well equipped.

We booked at the Residence Trinidad found on the internet.

Prague travel itinerary

Visiting Prague useful tips, information and tips

Let's start ours visit to the city and we decide to start with the Castle (Hrad) that we find after having traveled the famous street Nerudova, very picturesque, with many shops and with our Embassy that dominates with a lot of tricolor in the wind.

We decide to take the family ticket which with only 500 crowns will allow us to visit all monuments and places to pay.

Prague discos and night clubs

It is a very economical and advantageous solution as it is valid for two days so it allows you to dilute the visit to the Castle complex even in two days.

On Friday we visit the Vitus Cathedral, Royal Palace and the Golden alley.

Prague St. Vitus Cathedral

La Vitus Cathedral it is very reminiscent of the French churches, in the Gothic style.

Prague travel itinerary

Inside you can admire the splendid rose window and beautiful stained glass windows and it is also possible to take photographs.

Also noteworthy is the imperial tomb, in front of the main altar, the statues are those of Maximilian II of Habsburg, his father Ferdinando I and his mother Anna Jagellone.

From here a staircase descends to the crypt where there is tomb of Charles IV.

Also not to be missed during the visit are the Choir and the Chapel of St. Wenceslas.

We leave the Cathedral when it is already lunch time and since we have been up since four in the morning, the stop is welcome to everyone.

Let's start by saying that it is impossible to starve in Prague, the problem of where to eat does not exist.

There are hundreds of restaurants, of breweries, of shops that can solve any food problem.

We opt for a restaurant where we consume a single meat dish with various side dishes.

Their locally brewed beer is excellent, we preferred the dark to the light one.

With about 300-350 crowns each we can also get a decent espresso.

Prague Royal Palace

In the afternoon we continue with the visit to Royal Palace.

Prague travel itinerary

Immense the Vladislao Room, characterized by the huge Renaissance windows.

Very large room because it seems that at the time horse games took place there.

Take advantage of it to go out on the balconies and enjoy the beautiful views of the city from above.

Prague where to eat well on a budget

We pass in the square in front of where there is Church of St. George that we decide to visit tomorrow because we are eager to reach the Vicolo d'Oro.

Prague Golden Lane

Il Vicolo d'Oro it is an alley with small, minute houses with particular colors.

Prague travel itinerary

In ancient times they were the seat of the garrison which was then removed because it seems to bother the nuns of the convent.

It was therefore the seat of alchemists and goldsmiths hence the name vicolo d'oro.

Inside the little houses that sell souvenir a little special.

At number 22 it seems he lived there for no less than a year Kafka.

So here we are outside the Castle, manned in the various entrances by guards armed with rifles and bayonets, in official uniforms.

Here we are at Carlo bridge.

Prague Charles Bridge

It is always a very crowded place, tourists, painters, street artists, musicians, souvenir stalls.

Prague travel itinerary

Built starting in 1357 by Emperor Charles V after Moldova had just taken away the Giuditta bridge in one of its many ruinous floods.

In the following days we also made an excursion on the boat around the bridge and it was possible to notice the level reached by the waters of the river in flood in 2002, the year in which 9 people died and Prague it was practically isolated in half by the fury of Moldova in flood.

It was the most disastrous flood of the last 500 years.

Carlo bridge offers very significant images and atmospheres, we happened to go back for all three days of our stay in Prague.

At sunset it offers unique colors and images, worthy of being immortalized in a photograph or even better in the bulletin board of one's memories.

We return to the hotel tired but satisfied with what we have seen and admired.

Prague travel itinerary

A quick evening sortie for a dinner in the Old City.

It is a Prague that is teeming with tourists, the shops are open and interspersed with restaurants and pubs, and then there are the splendid images of the always illuminated monuments.

The story continues… Prague in 3 days

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Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

Prague travel itinerary

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