Traveling in a Camper, like saving money with friends

One way to save while traveling is to change your means of transport. The camper, for example, is a very useful way to divide the expenses and efforts and double the happiness of the trip, read here.

Among the numerous trips made around the world, there was a period in my life that I also traveled to camper, especially with friends. Those were years of university, low budgets and also itineraries to discover the beautiful Italy that could be done very well in a camper and especially in company.

Organizing life in a camper has always been very easy for me who love adventure and the outdoors, especially the easy holidays. Traveling with friends in a 9am van and in the evening stopping to sleep in the camper areas with some tents and a good dinner prepared all together, was one of the things that made me happy. Wake up then admiring nature directly from the window being right above my bed was an incredible thrill.

But how can you save really during a camper holiday compared to many other holidays, even with advantageous packages, which are offered and which we find daily online? Here are some reasons that I found and that I want to suggest you for a low cost holiday certainly, but also to have fun and create your holiday with your friends.

The costs are divided

Traveling in three, four, five or even more people all in one vehicle is obviously a cost savings. When you travel by camper and not by plane or train, it is as if you divide the cost of a single ticket by the number of people participating in the trip. The petrol is divided, the motorway tolls, the camping pitches and the expenses of meals are also divided.

Yes, because using a camper or van with kitchen, you can use the kitchen and in some camping areas you can use the wooden tables and chairs to eat like a real big family. On a trip without a van or camper, you'll have to go to a restaurant, pub, or supermarket for every meal. Let's say that the logic is much closer to that of hostels, you shop, cook and eat together with your friends, but in this case you can do it in your mobile home!

The effort is divided

When you decide the itinerary of a trip in a camper with friends, thus deciding the route and km to face to visit that village, eat that typical dish or visit other friends, we also think about who will drive the camper. Usually, you hardly ever designate a single driver for the whole holiday, but they share the hard work, taking turns when one is more tired and allowing the others to rest or playing cards, chatting or singing (yes, that happens too!).

A very useful thing during motorhome trips, which I want to advise you because usually the spaces are not huge, is give each other homework. It is not that one always has to cook every day for everyone, but maybe two or three people are indicated who are interested in shopping and cooking, two or three others who drive and act as "navigators" and those who take care of cleaning and of parking areas. A minimum of organization is needed to keep the holiday going great and at the same time a share the labors.

Joy multiplies

If the expense and effort are divided, the joys multiply, exactly like that! A trip with friends of a lifetime is what it takes to enjoy your holidays pleasantly, with whom really knows us, doing the things we love to do together without feeling judged or under pressure. Also share a travel experience such as traveling in camper or van, it's definitely an experience that comes out and makes the bonds even stronger.

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