10 Original gift ideas for those traveling with children

Do you have friends who travel with children? Do you want to give him a gift but not having children, you don't have the faintest idea of ​​what is useful, useless or indispensable for traveling with a child? Do you want to ensure a silent journey when you travel with them? Here are some for you very useful and original gift ideas for your friends!

Magic cup or water bottle

Drinking while traveling is very important and if adults can "resist", children can go into crisis much more easily and usually they are not very silent crises! When the little travelers have passed the bottle phase, they enter a phase in which they want to "drink like grown-ups“, Only that their gestures are still too approximate and their attention is still too“ vague ”. This results in frequent "spills" of the drink on duty. These two gifts can save several pairs of trousers, sofas, car or plane chairs from the “that will never go away” stain! The "Magic Cup" exists both without handles, and with two handles and less capacious for the little ones and it is phenomenal: it looks like a glass in all respects, but when overturned it does not lose a drop! In fact, when the child drinks he makes a slight pressure with his lips on the edge of the cup and it is only then that the edge allows the drink to pass! Magical isn't it? The only downside to the cup is that obviously if you keep it in your bag and something else presses the edge, there could be leaks. For this reason, sometimes it might be better to travel with a bottle that doesn't even leak in your bag, and that remains easy to drink and fun to use.

10 Original gift ideas for those traveling with children

Travel fabric high chair

Another very common problem when traveling with children is the seat at the table! Obviously it is not that you can bring a high chair like the one you use at home, and unfortunately often restaurants do not have high chairs for children. This fabric high chair has the great advantage of being super portable (smaller than a k-way), adapting to most chairs, and installing in seconds. It is very safe and in case you can add a pillow to raise the baby.

Manual chopper

This gift is a little hack as it wasn't actually meant for use with children, but it turned out to be perfect for traveling to the "baby food" stage. Babies quickly love to abandon milk alone and launch into new flavors, only they often don't have the teeth to do so. With this mini hand blender, you can make him an express porridge with any dish ordered at the restaurant! It will allow you to travel light, without backpacks or suitcases full of baby food. It is tiny and light and can be operated by pulling on the rope, without the need for electricity or batteries!
10 Original gift ideas for those traveling with children

Travel food jars

Of all the portable food containers, these jars are in my opinion the ones perfect for real travelers! They are small, stackable both empty and full and there is no risk of them opening inadvertently. They are perfect for taking a meal on the plane, to the beach or to the park. Also perfect as a "doggy bag" with the leftovers of a large meal that will prove very useful a few hours later. There are two kits, the one with 20 jars in two different sizes (usually 3 small and 3 large ones are enough on the road), or the one with only 5 larger jars, the choice is yours.

Bamboo cutlery

To the set of jars for food you can accompany these sturdy bamboo cutlery, always useful when traveling, light and an excellent alternative to plastic!

Silicone bib

Another essential accessory for the first years of travel for our little adventurers, is obviously the bib (as you may have noticed, meals are the critical point of many family outings!). This silicone bib has the advantage of being easily washed (even in the restaurant you can ask to give it a clean), to collect most of the food that would otherwise have dirty clothes and to be used rolled up, as a cutlery holder!

10 Original gift ideas for those traveling with children


A gift for a slightly higher budget (almost € 100) but very popular with all ages is this MP3 player designed for children! To fall asleep outside the home, to hear fairy tales while traveling by car, bus, ship or other, or to dance to mum and dad's favorite songs at home, in the garden or on the beach! This player is a really nice gift

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