Traveling by plane with a backpack: style tricks

    Have you ever tried to traveling with a backpack those camping style? Have you ever tried to embark it? Easy to say, a little hard to do. In fact, camping backpacks generally have different straps and laces that escape a little from all sides. They are useful when walking because they allow us to carry different things and to calibrate the weight on our whole body. So don't cut them :)

    But when you arrive at the airport with a backpack like this and you want embark it they will make you many stories. The laces on the roller could get caught causing inconvenience to your backpack and the airport. They will advise you to pack it with those machines cellophane that you will surely have already noticed at the airport. Be wary, or rather, don't do it! The cost is always high and to pack your backpack with all that cellophane that you will then have to throw away on arrival ...just not worth it.

    Un low cost advice, and if you want too of style, is to prevent this waste of time by packing the backpack yourself. As? Simple, with a scotch. But not just any scotch tape, since you are given it to your backpack and yours I travel a bit of style, choose something original, and not the classic and sad brown scotch, to pack and stop the rebel laces by yourself. The hostesses will be grateful and you will make a remarkable impression;)

    Scotch of Modes4u 

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