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Organizing a tour of the main destinations in Eastern Europe is not easy also because there are a myriad of precious destinations to visit. Here is the itinerary in a camper that will take you to discover Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  • Eastern European countries: the most beautiful cities to visit
  • Bratislava - Slovakia
  • Krakow and Warsaw - Poland
  • Vilnius and Kaunas - Lithuania
  • Riga - Latvia
  • Tallinn - Estonia
  • Eastern European cities: pictures and photos

Eastern European countries: the most beautiful cities to visit

Deciding to organize a travel by camper to go to the discovery of Most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe it is not a very simple thing also because of itineraries there are a myriad of them; in short, it would take months and months.

In this guide we have chosen to tell you about one of the itineraries most beautiful and interesting that will take you to discover the wonders of Slovakiaand Polandand Lithuaniaand Latvia and Estonia.

Bratislava - Slovakia

Bratislava, the beautiful Capital of Slovakia, is one of the so-called "Jewel Cities of Europe", directly overlooking the Danube and is wonderfully set between lush vineyards and the mountains of the Little Carpathians.

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Visit Bratislava in just one day it is practically impossible but the attractions that we recommend not to be missed are the majestic and imposing castle which is located in the heart of the Old Town of the city and was built during the XNUMXth century and the Cathedral of San Martino which was built starting from the XNUMXth century and hosted the coronations of the kings of Hungary.

Krakow and Warsaw - Poland

Il camper tour of Eastern Europe continues in one of the most evocative countries of the "Old Continent", we are talking about Poland.

The first obligatory stop is the beautiful one Krakow city which is considered the true cultural capital of Poland.

The main places of interest in Krakow that we recommend to visit are the Old City which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Royal Castle of Wavel which is the undisputed symbol of Poland and the colorful Basilica of Santa Maria.

The second stage of a motorhome tour of Poland can only be its extraordinary capital, Warsaw.

La Old Town of Warsaw it is a real wonder is full of historical and religious buildings of considerable importance and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, despite having been perfectly rebuilt after the bombings of the Second World War.

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Vilnius and Kaunas - Lithuania

Although less noble and, in some ways, less known than the cities we have talked about so far, Vilinius e Kaunas are the real flagship of the Lithuania.

Vilnius and the Capital of Lithuania is considered one of the Most beautiful cities of art in Europe, Its Old Town it is among the best preserved of the Old Continent and the Old City, can only be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

KaunasInstead, it is a city with an ancient charm and a modern heart and surprises visitors for the surprising harmony of the urban fabric.

Here too, the Old City it is truly incredible, in fact it is embellished with churches, historic buildings, monuments e churches from insurmountable charm.

Riga - Latvia

After visiting the two main cities of the Lithuania, we recommend that you go straight to Riga, the beautiful Capital of Latvia, overlooking the wonders of the Baltic Sea.

La Riga city it will blow your mind in the truest sense of the word as it features a medieval old town and a historic center in Art Nouveau style.

Here everything is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting and we highly recommend staying a few more days.

Tallinn - Estonia

Tallinn, the amazing Capital of Estonia, is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and overlooks the Baltic Sea or the wonderful Gulf of Finland.

Imagine just for a moment visiting a city with a medieval village embedded remarkably intact: welcome to Tallinn.

La Tallinn Old Town, as it should be, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and is the place where art, history and culture are the undisputed masters.

We conclude by assuring you that every city we just talked about has equipped camper areas of great value and most of them are located very close to the center.

Eastern European cities: pictures and photos

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