Christmas in Gubbio with the record tree: what to see in Umbria

Christmas in Umbria has two fixed and unmissable appointments: every year we expect the lighting of the great Christmas tree and the Star of Miranda in Terni which always lights up after the torchlight procession on 8 December.

That of the Region Umbria it's a Christmas record-breaking thanks to two Guinness World Records attractions.
We are talking about the Gubbio Tree which is located in the Province of Perugia and the Comet Star of Miranda, which can be admired during all the Christmas holidays. Now known throughout Italy, the largest Christmas tree is almost a celebrity and many are waiting for the tree to be lit every year.

Christmas in Gubbio with the record tree: what to see in Umbria

Gubbio Christmas tree largest in the world

THETree of Gubbio, nestled on the slopes of Mount Ignino, is the largest in the world and is lit every year with an official ceremony that is always held in early December, usually just the day before December 8th. Each year the date could undergo variations, even as regards the time there is never a certain news. That's why the advice is always to visit the official website where the date and time are communicated, so as not to go around in circles and miss, perhaps only a few hours or a day, the awaited lighting of the Christmas tree in Gubbio.

The Christmas tree, which generally goes out around the Epiphany every new beginning of the year, is made up of over 250 bright spots of green color that outline the shape. High ben 650 meters and decorated with as many colored lights, the Tree can also be seen passing by car in front of Gubbio, it is a show that warms hearts (even the coldest ones!) on cold winter evenings. The single comet which, at the end of the tree, occupies an area of 1.000 square meters and is made with 200 golden lights.

The tradition of the Gubbio Christmas Tree has been going on for several years and since 1991 has been included in Guinness World Records. A true wonder that every year attracts visitors from all over Italy intrigued by this unique creation, but not only, in fact for some years the voice has reached beyond national borders and many foreign tourists are also arriving in Umbria attracted by this beautiful and huge tree, the largest in the world.

Christmas in Gubbio with the record tree: what to see in Umbria

Miranda's Christmas Star in Terni

Moving south we meet, precisely a Miranda, locality of Terni, la Comet largest in the world thanks to its 80 light points, 105 meters in diameter and 350 meters of tail which occupies, overall, a square area of ​​30.000 meters.

Miranda's Star is lit at the end of one torchlight procession which is almost always held on December 8 and is visible every evening until the day of the Epiphany, bringing its message of peace and hope. Two unmissable events for those who are in Umbria in this special period of the year and which are added to the many other initiatives carried out around the region.

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