What to do for a week in Prague: the main attractions not to be missed

What to do and what to see during a week in Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. Here is a very interesting travelogue that will give you very important news.

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Travel review Prague

I have long wanted visit Prague, all my friends were talking about it, and since I travel for a week every year in May, I got to work on the internet.

Research low cost flights, hotels, reading blog and especially travel stories to live the experiences and emotions of many other travelers.

On the flight, no problem, I immediately find a flight skyeurope from Turin, one of the best low cost airlines (40 euros per person all inclusive per way and per person), for thehotels I find a 3-star residence, the Bologna residence (100 euros per night) run by Spaniards, near the Charles Bridge.

What to see in Prague: places of interest and attractions

Departure with my wife from Turin. Flight duration about 1 hour.

Arrival a Prague at 14:00, although we left late we arrive early, the hotel van was waiting for us at the airport with the usual sign with the name.

Prague discos and night clubs

THEhotels it is in a great central location, close to the Carlo bridge, the somewhat anonymous construction, the comfortable accommodation, complete bathroom with bidet, satellite television, (few channels, only channel 5 in Italian) rather large room with sitting area, kitchenette, wifi (only on the first floor).

We arrange our few things and immediately start visiting the city, helped by a magnificent weather (the forecasts were very bad), visiting the Carlo bridge (construction started in 1170), which is a symbol of Prague known all over the world, at 19 pm you can easily visit and admire the 31 statues of saints placed along the sides, it is said that touching one of these (I don't remember which one), brings luck, even at this time you queue to pose and be photographed, however, while crossing you can enjoy a magnificent view of the castle, the river with the various bridges, and admire the stupendous Tower. the monument dedicated to the great composer Smetana.

We are moving towards the Old Town Places (Old Town Square) where is the famous astronomical clock (from 1410) and which every hour (even at night) attracts a lot of people, you will always see it with its nose up and cameras ready to shoot.

The whole area is closed to traffic, you can move freely in the dozens of alleys, full of life until late hours, shops open until late in the evening in addition to bar, breweries.

The security? never had any problems.

It is 21 pm, we head towards the birreria Kolkovna located about 500 meters, the road that leads to Josevof, the Jewish quarter, we do not find a place, we are told that we need to book.

We book for the next evening, however, we notice a youthful and very cheerful environment.

We fall back to an anonymous restaurant in the old square, whose name I do not remember and which in any case is not worth mentioning.

Prague where to eat well on a budget

Second day in Prague

Buffet breakfast at the hotel, exploratory tour of the city, to realize the situation, we are about 400 meters from Stare Mesto (Old Town), passing by the church of s. Nicola, the Klementinum, the Old Town square, we visit the Our Lady of Tyn church, with its spectacular towers, then we pass to the fourteenth-century church of San Giacomo, then the elegant Celetna Ulice with its shops and the Karolinum.

Lunch at the U Supa restaurant, located on Via Celetna, is eaten discreetly, we had a tomato soup with basil puree (€ 2,80), and a goulash in the old Bohemian way, served in a loaf of bread made in a bowl (€ 3,50), mixed salad (3,30), apple strudel with vanilla sauce (€ 4,40), chocolate fondue (€ 4,80) in all at a cost of about € 13 per person, beer and coffee included; in the afternoon we continue the visit without particular objectives, I had also brought my pda with the satellite navigator, but I can guarantee that it is not needed in Prague you orient yourself very well-

In the evening we return to the Charles Bridge (the hotel is nearby) and go to the Kolkovna brewery,

Interesting and rich menu, with typical Czech dishes based on chicken, rabbit, duck, pork, soups, we eat abundantly with potato and mushroom soup served in loaf, goulash with meat and potatoes, rabbit with garlic and spinach as well as an excellent dessert , spending around 27 euros for two, including a large beer and coffee.

I also note that the various courses (very abundant), generally constitute a single dish, so even the fettuccine are served with pieces of chicken, two courses are many, but we wanted to taste the Czech cuisine, all with flowing beer, if you want. can have Czech wine.

At around 23 pm we leave the room to take a walk and unwittingly find ourselves in Wenceslas Square.

The square, very busy, has the shape of a rather narrow and long rectangle, has a modern style, shops and boutiques with large windows, a massive presence of department stores (Rinascente style), there are restaurants, bars even outdoors , discos, the square is open to traffic

Third day in Prague

Usual breakfast, we set out to visit the surroundings of the modern Wenceslas Square, full of Art Nouveau buildings and decorations, a square created in 1300 to host the horse market, then the Powder Tower, taking advantage of the beautiful day, we pass in Piazza della Repubblica, the Karlova square, we visit the church of Our Lady of the Snow.

Interesting, even if almost all the churches in Prague seem to me to have a predominantly Baroque interior.

We go back to Wenceslas Square for lunch at the Grand Hotel Europa, we take 2 dishes each with beer and wine, we get by with 27 euros in two, the environment is a bit formal.

In the afternoon we go to the Monastero di Stahov (built in 1140), the philosophical hall and the halls of the Library are beautiful, then we take a tour in the old Jewish quarter (Josefov) and take a look at the old cemetery, the colorful stalls selling souvenirs, placed between the synagogues, are also nice. a more detailed visit, we go to the riverside, which in that neighborhood makes a wide bend.

In the evening another episode at Kolkovna, choice of menu based on traditional cuisine, I also let myself be tempted by the (a little expensive) Bohemian wine, we spend 26 euros for a hearty and well-prepared meal, soup, roast duck, chicken fettuccine, dessert , beer and coffee for 26 euros.

Fourth day in Prague

This fourth day in Prague is not the best as it rains so we decide to take a tram along the river to go to Vysehrad.

I note that i public transport in Prague they are excellent, trams, buses and metro, they go very well and take you to all points of the city, but tickets, especially those valid for one or more days, are not easy to find, the sales points generally only have tickets valid for 20 minutes or 5 stops.

I also note that trams run at very high speeds, even when traveling on unprotected lanes, few vehicles dare to pass on the tracks.

We arrive at the fortress of the castle, but it rains too much, we go back, and always by tram, which circulates on the riverside, we decide to go to a suburb to see how the Prague people live,

also because the city we have seen seems excessively tidy, well-kept facades, no graffiti on the walls, always shiny trams and buses, street sweepers at all hours (including night) never seen paper on the ground, all this did not seem true.

But even the suburbs appeared to be well looked after, obviously the buildings were not from the nineteenth century, but also in the suburbs clean streets and orderly traffic.

We go back to the Charles Bridge, and take a ride on the riverfront, then lunch in a restaurant located nearby.

In the afternoon we visit the characteristic surroundings that lead to the Prague castle, the Mala Strana square, the Nerudova street, the eighteenth-century church of S. Nicola.

In the evening, dinner at the brewery New Town Brewery, very popular with tourists, on the ground floor the great hall, where the accordion also play, and the diners sing choirs (I also heard Volare di Modugno singing), better to go downstairs, where there is no music and choirs and the environment is youthful .

The menu is less rich than the Kolkovna, on the other hand it is less expensive with 7-10 euros you eat abundantly a well-kept food, we ate garlic soup, mushroom soup, Prague chicken with vegetables and mushrooms, beer, all with a cost of 18 euros for two.

I forgot to mention that all the menus of the restaurants visited are on the web, just search for them with google or yahoo.

Since we are in the vicinity of Wenceslas Square we take a walk, have a coffee, there is enough people.

Fifth day in Prague

Finally the Castle (Prazsky hrad), detailed visit, of the castle, of the cathedral, Vicolo d'Oro, I really liked it basilica of S. Giorgio, I do not dwell on it because on all the guides there are extensive descriptions., being the site known all over the world.

Lunch near the Charles Bridge.

In the afternoon, we go by tram to Vysehrad, we visit the Church of San Pietro and Paolo, the cemetery with Dvorak's grave, the rotunda of sv Martin, the fortress.

Sixth day in Prague

Detailed tour of the Jewish quarter, the Pinkas Synagogue, Staronova e Klausova,

Visit of the thirteenth century cloister of S. Agnese and the picture gallery (which I recommend) where you can admire important works by German and Czech artists from 1300 to 1600, and you can see the originals of works that are copied in the churches of Prague

Lunch at Ambiente Italian restaurant (quite expensive), riverside afternoon, Kampa Island. and the old mill.

Price alla Kolkovna

Seventh day in Prague

Morning dedicated to visiting particular sites, buying souvenirs, flannel in Piazza Mala Strana, Stare Mesto and Piazza Wenceslao, then in the late afternoon departure for Turin.

Prague pictures and photos

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