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    Prague Card, prices and review

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    Why get the Prague Card if you visit the city of Prague, where to buy it and how to save online, where to pick it up, what the Prague Card includes, museums and public transport, the card review.

    Prague it is a lively city, with many museums to visit from one side of the Vltava river to the other. For this reason, if you have a few days available, you can consider activating a Praga Card. But how much does it cost, what is it worth and how is it activated?

    The Praga Card, like all cards of this type, is used for public transport, entrances to museums or public places and discounts for specific restaurants and shops.

    Prague Card, when to use it?

    The best thing, in my opinion, about the Prague Card is that you can use it on all public transport, from the bus to the subway, up toAirport Express. This is the main reason why, if you want to do it, maybe it would be better to do it online, so that you can start saving immediately upon arrival in Prague. The other nice thing is that the Prague Card must be activated the first time, then it is no longer necessary to validate it, a bit as if you had a day ticket for the means, it is activated in the morning and then you arrive in the evening. In addition, the Prague Card requires the signature and the exact day activation, under penalty of a hefty fine if someone were to do a check. Find all fields on the back of the Prague Card.

    Prague Card for museums

    What is included in the Praga Card? Perhaps we would first say what is not included in the Prague Card, because practically everything that can be visited in the city of Prague has free access by showing the card. On the official website, under the heading attractions there are all the sites, museums and entrances that can be accessed without paying out a euro, or rather a Czech crown.

    The only entrance to Prague Castle, the long route, costs 350 Czech crowns, about 12 €. It is also true that the entrance to the Castle is worth three days, because it is very demanding, but those who have only 3 or 5 days available will hardly return twice to the same place, I believe.

    Practically everything you can visit in Prague, go for the Prague Card and if you intend to see at least 2/3 or 4 museums and sites of cultural interest, after having done a couple of small bills, I recommend it, also because there are always the means included in the Prague, which sometimes make a difference. Prague has one among others good underground network of subways and moving from one part of the city to another, from the Old Town for example, to your hotel, will come in handy more than once, I bet.

    Prague Card, where to buy it?

    The Praga Card is possible buy both in the tourist offices, like at the airport or in the city center of Prague, than online and choose immediately whether to collect it from a specific tourist office in the city, for example near your hotel, or at the airport .. I preferred the second option, organizing immediately with activation at the airport, so as to use the card as soon as arrived.
    What changes between the two modes is the price. What you save, by purchasing the card online, they are about € 2 per card, whether for two days (46 € online, 48 € in the tourist offices), for three days (56 € vs 58 €) or four days (65 € online versus 67 € at the tourist office).

    The beauty of the city of Prague is go to family. In fact, if the Praga Card has a cost to say it all, not exactly low cost, even if the services it provides are many, for all children with less than 6 years, most of the attractions are free. Furthermore, for children aged 6 to 16 and children who study and are under 26 there are excellent discounts (€ 33 for two days, € 40 for three days and € 47 for four days, by purchasing the card online).

    Prague Card, final thoughts

    The Praga Card is a card very useful for a trip to Prague, which is long because it allows discounts of up to four days even outside the center of Prague and not only in the historic center, and for lightning trips, because it has a minimum duration of two days and with three museums and metro and bus tickets you will probably arrive equal.

    Given the not insignificant cost, what I recommend is to make a piano of the things you want to see and do during your travel days in Prague, do a rough calculation both of the expenses with the card and without and decide whether to buy it or not, simply.

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