Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Visit Prague in 3 days useful tips, tips and tricks

Saturday September 12th

After a hearty breakfast in the hotel, we dedicate the morning to the completion of the visit to the Castle.

We visit the Basilica of San Giorgio. Well maintained, completely renovated in the early XNUMXth century. The visit to the crypt is interesting.

At noon we can't miss the Changing of the guard.

If you want to follow him and photograph him in a happy position, you must approach the gate or the courtyard at least 20-25 minutes before 12,00 after which a large crowd will begin to crowd and it will be difficult to have a better view from the rear.

Prague in 3 days

Duty lunch break near the Carlo bridge.

Having chosen to visit Prague on foot, to grasp even the most minute and secondary aspects, breaks are always welcome to rest and to indulge in relaxation.

I take advantage of the break to describe two aspects of Prague: safety and physiological needs.

Let's start with the latter.

In Prague, with due exceptions, you almost always pay to fulfill your physiological needs.

Prague discos and night clubs

As far as security is concerned, we arrived in Prague prejudiced and quite fearful of existing crime.

We have read about several misadventures of tourists being mugged, pickpocketed or scammed.

Nothing has happened to us but, obviously, we have always been careful to avoid this type of problem. On the contrary, we have found a clean, well-kept city, with people always available and polite. .

Prague in 3 days

Prague places to visit squares, monuments and palaces

In the afternoon we visit the old town: Stare Mesto. We cross the Charles Bridge, and we reach Old Town Square.

How to remain indifferent to the beauty of the buildings, to the details of the stuccos, friezes, decorations.

Prague is a set of many details that capture your attention and appeal to your gaze.

Il monument to Jon Hus it represents for Prague people much more than a statue, erected in memory of this radical reformer burned alive because he wanted to reform the corrupt Bohemian church, it is the reference point for the Czech people of liberal thoughts.

In 1939 the statue was covered with a banner to protest against the Nazi invasion, ditto in 1968 against the Soviet tanks.

Arriving in the square, a crowd of people with their noses raised to the sky is inevitable.

They are watching the famous astronomic watch, super advertised that in 1410 at the beating of each hour gives life to a show full of religious and civil symbols.

Prague in 3 days

At exact time, the 12 apostles appear in procession while the allegorical figures placed near the quadrants and representing Vanity, Avarice, the invading Turkish, Death, begin to come to life.

Legend has it that the creator of this watch was blinded so that he could not reproduce a similar one elsewhere, and that the same to take revenge for this mutilation sabotaged it making it unusable for more than a century until another expert did not succeed in the enterprise of make it work.

We return to the hotel not before having ventured into the Jewish quarter, which, however, being Saturday is closed.

Prague where to eat well on a budget

We did not remember it, I am writing it to be useful for others in the future.

Prague in 3 days

The evening projects us to visit Charles Bridge at night and then to venture into the Mala Strana district where the well-lit Church of St. Nicholas.

Sunday 13th September.

After breakfast we head to the visit of the Jewish quarter named Lo Josefov.

It is useful to read up on this visit as it is the story of a drama that has upset humanity.

Atrocious certain testimonies, alternating with the charm of Rabbi Low's Golem and the new life made up of luxury shops and souvenir stalls.

Already in the past years the Jews lived a reality of intense commercial activities in cohabitation with marginalization and little tolerance.

Thousands of people lived in a very small space in the Prague ghetto, and only with the advent of Rabbi Low did they manage to obtain a little consideration and then with the reign of Joseph II (Josefov) a certain reduction in discrimination.

The oldest building in the neighborhood is the Vecchionuova Synagogue.

Prague in 3 days

A legend says that the synagogue was built with stones from the Jerusalem Temple, while another claims that it had already been built but buried and that it was a rabbi who pointed it out to the Jews.

To access the cemetery you go through the Pinkasla Synagogue, monument in memory of the 77.279 Czech and Moldovan Jews massacred by the Nazis.

Their names are written on the walls of the synagogue.

The cemetery is very particular with an infinite series of tombstones, almost all crooked, marked by time that lean against each other.

In ancient times the authorities had granted only that narrow space to bury the dead of the ghetto and being a sacrilege for the Jews to exhume the graves here that for centuries the graves have accumulated, up to twelve layers for about 12.000 bodies.

Prague in 3 days

The last one dates back to 1787, when Joseph II allowed the burial also outside.

The most important tombs are indicated with signs, and among them stands out that of Rabbi Low, the father of the Golem.

Lunch break and then take the subway (about 1 euro the cost of the ride) and go to Wenceslas Square.

Prague in 3 days

Arrived in Vencelaso square, compared to the places visited previously, there is a certain environmental contrast, there is much more chaos, you can see some shady figures and even the dirt on the street is more evident.

Probably we are in the presence of the most transgressive Prague expression, it is clear that drug dealers are wandering around and that some places do not have an agreement with the group of assembled speakers.

The background is dominated National Museum with the equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas in front.

Wenceslas Square was the scene, in the late 70s, of the drama of the Soviet Communist occupation and the sacrifice of Jan Palach.

Prague in 3 days

Having seen this mysterious square, let's go for a walk around the shops.

For the souvenirs there is however to indulge yourself, a Prague there are many shops that sell puppets and toys, there are also matryoshkas, colored and painted eggs, lots of crystals, garnet jewels.

Prague in 3 days

We return to the hotel and the next day at 04,30 in the morning departure for the airport (always with the hotel shuttle).

Nice experience Prague, I enjoyed it very much.

NB To reread the first part go to the link: PRAGUE TRAVEL ITINERARY.

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Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

Prague in 3 days

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