Romeow Cat Bistrot: cats and vegan cuisine in Rome

Do you love cats and light and refined cuisine? Read the post and visit the six cats of the Romeow Cat Bistrot, Garbatella district of Rome: you will also be surprised by the excellent menu, especially on the dessert side!

Animal lovers hear hear! There is a place in Rome, and more precisely in the Garbatella district, which you absolutely must discover. His name? Romeow Cat Bistrot. How to start describing it? Simple.

In my opinion it is a unique place of its kind. Here the real masters and protagonists of the scene are the 6 cats that animate and color the place. Romeo, Nino, Frida, Lum, Maos and Irì are the cats who will welcome you into their home and, if they want, they will play and let themselves be pampered or keep you company during your stay.

Romeow Cat Bistrot: the place

The bistro is very accurate in every detail, with design pieces and paintings on the walls, agility courses for cats and corners dedicated to them. Behind the counter, a part of the open kitchen behind splendid windows. Upstairs an intimate mezzanine, with a few tables, low seats and a corner that seems to come out of an artist's house with a wooden desk topped by a typewriter. A small library dedicated to cats to be combed through and Elena Boccoli's caricatures of felines and managers that give even more originality to the place. There industrial style room meets a furniture halfway between shabby and reclaimed, with the warm tones of wood and the blues of the walls and tiles.

Books and drawers that seem to float and lean against the walls without an apparent purpose, actually form nice stairs that allow cats to climb and enjoy the view from above or follow the path all around the room, until they meet a beautiful branch tree, perfect for climbing! Suitcases, armchairs, cushions and scratching posts are cleverly integrated into every corner for the well-being of the hosts.

Very important follow some simple rules not to disturb them: it is forbidden to use the flash and bother them by giving them unsolicited attention, they will in fact approach you and ask you to cuddle or play.

The kitchen

At your table, games and a book on cats will keep you company while you wait for your dishes. The menu is seasonal and provides dishes strictly vegans, with attention to every detail and artfully served, so much so that you regret having to eat them, with a cuisine with international flavors. Romeow is a bistro, suitable for both lunch and dinner, both for an aperitif or a snack. Reservations are required if you wish to have lunch or dinner.

The strong point of the restaurant is its desserts, do not make our mistake to go out without having tasted them! Do not expect purely aesthetic portions from nouvelle cousine, but abundant dishes, as in the typical Roman tradition! It is precisely because of the quantity in the dishes ordered that at the end of the dinner we no longer had a place for one of their fantastic desserts.

The waiters deserve a note: prepared, kind and ready to answer all your doubts about the ingredients.

As mentioned Romeow Cat Bistrot is located in the neighborhood Garbatella, in a side street of Via Ostiense. It is easily reachable by metro from the center of Rome and with a 10-minute walk, getting off at the station of the same name.

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