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    In Prague follow the Bohemian Carnival

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    Il Bohemian Carnival a Prague takes place from 20 February as of March 4, 2014 and this year too Prague will make no exceptions. The first appointment is for 10 February at Clam-Gallas, the Baroque Palace where one room has always been dedicated to Carnival. Classical music and elegant costumes in an old-time masked ball. In addition to the events and parades that are held every day of the Carnival in the streets of Prague there are the spontaneous parties that are born in the clubs of Prague.

    Do not miss the traditional floating parade on Moldova held on Shrove Tuesday. Another unmissable event is the gastronomic review Alchemist cuisine to taste typical Czech cuisine in every restaurant in the city.

    There are many appointments for both adults and children: inside the baroque monument Clam-Gallas Palac there is a laboratory where you can learn, and even put into practice, all the secrets of how to make a costume, a mask and a carnival disguise. The best creations will be the protagonists of the competition that takes place in the famous square of the old town and in the Crystal ball.

    For all events, which are really many, consult the official page of the Carnival ->

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