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Simone and Giovanna have been to Rome for some time, they have worked, lived and studied there and here they want to suggest their favorite places in Rome, those that are worth living and seeing, but above all those low cost.

Where to eat:
Simone - to eat well definitely go to Gino area Trastevere, the best dish of cacio e pepe I've ever tried. The restaurant is located in via della Lungaretta, 85. A curiosity, the founder of the restaurant, Gino in fact, founded it in 1958 and still goes to work every day.

Giovanna - for dinner go to Testaccio: Angelina, Bucatino, Augustarello and Felice (in order of price from highest to lowest), or Perilli, famous for carbonara. To eat the artichoke alla giudia from Sora Margherita, in Piazza cinque scole, Ghetto area. Finally from formula 1 you can eat from appetizers to desserts for about € 12, Via degli Equi, 11, look at the line to find a place.

Where to have fun:
Simone - in Villa Borgese there is theArt Coffee, a nightclub where you go on Fridays and Saturdays to have fun. In Testaccio there are many clubs, one next to the other, among these one of the funniest is certainly the Alibi, the name already says it all.

Giovanna - in the evening you can go to Pigneto, there you can find a bit of everything, you can do the classic tour of the cafes, or you can go to San Lorenzo. Trastevere remains the top for every tourist even if it is more expensive.


Tasty things:
Simone - Da Pompi is the best place in Rome to have an ice cream. Among the tastes absolutely to try the tiramisu, especially the strawberry tiramisu a delight. Since 1962 it has been the best ice cream, today they also make tiramisu with banana and dark chocolate.

Giovanna - ice cream from Giolitti, behind the Parliament and the tiramisu from the classic Pompi, the kingdom of tiramisu, they do it for all tastes, don't miss the grattachecca (granita) on the Lungotevere.

Where to sleep:
Sleeping in Rome means being spoiled for choice among the capital's accommodation proposals. The low cost advice is to book in a bed and breakfast in Romeand therefore combine the possibility of saving with the courtesy of the hosts.

Outside Rome: thanks to the advice of Giuseppe di Eurotriphere is a place in Tivoli where you can eat really well.
“A Tivoli I recommend an excellent restaurantBlue elephant where with a few euros you can have lunch or dinner with typical dishes of Roman cuisine accompanied by an excellent wine. The restaurant is located in the historic center of Tivoli a stone's throw from Villa Gregoriana and from the Duomo. The environment is very comfortable, I recommend that you book so as not to go hungry. "

The mini guide of Rome is made in collaboration with Simone e Giobicop

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