Valid passport for the United States, how to do it

    Valid passport for the United States, how to do it

    Un trip to the United States it is perhaps one of the most beautiful trips, one of the first important trips, a trip that many have dreamed of as children. But what to do if we arrive below goal and we realize that we do not have a valid passport? First of all we hit the wall for not having thought about it before, second thing, let's try not to get under date with this problem or we won't be able to leave and this is not a good thing.

    Here's how to avoid making mistakes that could cost us dearly a long-dreamed and desired trip.
    Since January 12, 2009, the Visa Waiver Program which avoids applying for a visa, so only the request to the called authorization is enough ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization = Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

    To access any vehicle that will take you to the United States, you must have an ETSA, whether you go by ship, plane or car. To apply for the ETSA you must have:

    - a passport, a condition that seems trivial but we specify it, because you never know :)

    Which passport do you need to have? All passports with electronic microchip are fine, don't worry, all passports issued since October 26, 2006 have it;)
    You can also have a machine-readable passport, issued until October 26, 2005.
    You can also have a passport with

    The most important thing about the validity of the passport is that once you return to Italy it must still be valid otherwise they won't let you leave. Do a little check on deadline then.

    Apply for ETSA, what are the requirements to request it?
    Leisure vacation or business trip. The journey must last a maximum of 90 days and you must already have a return ticket once you arrive at the departure. If one or more of these requirements are missing, for example if you want to stay in the United States for 6 months or more, you need to apply for a Visa.

    Here also the direct link to the website of the State Police for further doubts.

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