Piadina Più in Tivoli, not to be tried

    I admit it, I'm a bit biased, I come from Rimini and yes you know they know how to make piadina there. But last night I had the unhealthy idea to try the piadina in Tivoli. I had been craving for piadina for days and I always made up for it too late to make it myself, always forgetting to buy flour. So I went. I did it. And I was wrong.

    For heaven's sake, here they put all the good will of the case, obviously there are dozens of wraps here. In Romagna, unless you are somewhere a little bit special, a maximum of 10 wraps are made, the classics, the basic ones, the ones that never disappoint.

    A Tivoli al Pidina Più instead I found interesting combinations. Interesting is a compliment. I read on the menu posted on the white wall of a flatbread with salmon, soft cheese and rocket, I wanted to die. Yes I know I'm the usual exaggeration, but I mean, would you ever eat salmon with cheese? Inside a piadina then?

    I tried a classic raw ham, soft cheese and rocket. The ham was very salty and the piada was quite hard. Except that I paid for it 4€, let's say a figure a little above the average compared to Romagna. The advice mine is not to go there, but if you have never tasted a Romagna piadina and you don't have a yardstick, then go for it, you will let me know later how it seemed to you.

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