Portugal and Andalusia Tour

10-day tour to discover the main wonders of Portugal and Andalusia. Here are the most beautiful and interesting cities and attractions to see.

  • 10 days tour Portugal and Andalusia in summer: the most beautiful and interesting itineraries
  • Visit Porto: what to see in one day
  • Visit Coimbra: what to see in one day
  • Visiting Lisbon: what to see in one day
  • Visit Seville and Granada: what to see
  • Visit Malaga in two days: what to see and the most beautiful beaches
  • Portugal and Andalusia: pictures and photos

10 days tour Portugal and Andalusia in summer: the most beautiful and interesting itineraries

THEsummer it is one of the best times for organize a 10-day tour between Portugal and Andalusia as, in addition to the beautiful art City, you can also relax on beaches dream bathed by a sea fairytale.

This incredible tour, impeccably organized, starts from Portugal and then arrives in Region of Andalusia in Spain and we assure you that it will take you to discover the main wonders of these magnificent and fantastic "lands".

We point out that every single tour is made up of 4 days as 2 days are "lost" between travel, transfers and so on.

Visit Porto: what to see in one day

As a matter of travel convenience, we always recommend organizing a tour of 4 days of Portugal starting from City of Porto, obviously by renting a car that will certainly make you more autonomous and "efficient", if we can say so.

Lisbon weekend

Porto it is beautiful and captivating and a visit to the city can only start from the Sé, the beautiful and imposing Cathedral.

La Porto Cathedral it was built in the XNUMXth century, externally looks like a church-fortress, internally it is embellished with extraordinary elements in the Gothic and Baroque style and represents one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture of the Portugal.

Second obligatory stop is the Church of San Francesco which, externally has the same name, but internally it is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful and decorated churches in Europe, it is no coincidence that it is part of the so-called “All Gold Churches” circuit.

The last hours of this short stay must necessarily be dedicated to Ribeira district, a multi-faceted place where you can discover the most authentic side of City of Porto.

Il Ribeira district can only be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is wonderfully colorful and its characteristic cobbled streets teem with restaurants, bar e shops where to do Shopping.

We also recommend crossing the Ponte Dom Luis which was designed by the pupils of Gustave Eiffel and connects the Ribeira district to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Visit Coimbra: what to see in one day

Porto is just over an hour from Coimbra therefore it is the second most comfortable itinerary that we recommend not to be missed.

La City of Coimbra it is the place par excellence to discover the true Lusitanian soul of the country and is home to the oldest and most prestigious university in Portugal.

Local Lisbon

THECoimbra University can only be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, it was founded in 1290 and the oldest building was set up inside the extraordinary medieval palace located in Paco dei Escolas.

Second unmissable stop is the Sé Velha, la Old Cathedral of Coimbra which presents itself to visitors with a wonderfully imposing appearance.

La Old Cathedral of Coimbra it was built between 1139 and 1218 when it was consecrated, and represents the greatest example of Romanesque architecture in Portugal (if you have time available, we recommend that you visit the New Cathedral which was built between 1598 and 1640).

Very nice to visit is also the Santa Cruz Monastery which is one of the oldest buildings in Coimbra where the first two kings of Portugal are buried and it houses the most important center of medieval studies in the country.

As a last stop, we recommend not to miss the Mondego Green Park and Botanical Garden that are the green lungs of City of Coimbra where it is possible to discover an immense variety of plants and where it is a must walks regenerating.

Visiting Lisbon: what to see in one day

Reachable in about two hours by car from Coimbra, Lisbon, the beautiful and extraordinary Capital of Portugal it will satisfy you in all senses, without detracting from the cities we have already talked about.

Just one day for visit Lisbon it's really very little, at least you can find yourself in front of the main ones attractions of the city; trust me it's really a pretty sight.

The first obligatory stop is, without question, the famous one Belem Tower which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, was strongly desired by King John II as a "tool" for the defense of the Tagus River and was built during the sixteenth century.

Since the time available is limited to say the least, after visiting the Belem Tower and the district of the same name, we recommend going into the heart of the city.

The first district to see absolutely is that of Low which, after being completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, has been meticulously rebuilt in a very precious neoclassical architecture.

The second district, the flagship of Lisbon, is the very famous Barrio Alto where once lived only and exclusively the noble families of the city.

Currently the Barrio Alto neighborhood is one of the places of the divertissement di Lisbon embellished with a myriad of bar, restaurants, shops, libraries e local of all kinds where aristocratic families and penniless street artists coexist harmoniously.

Before leaving the Lisbon and leave for theAndalusia, it is a must to spend half a day on one of the most popular beaches Lisbon, Carcavelos beach where everything is perfectly functional.

Visit Seville and Granada: what to see

Da Lisbon a Seville, the distance is approximately 465 kilometers so you are free to take a plane, a bus or continue by car.

If you decide to take the plane once you get to Seville, we recommend renting another car.

As for the tour of these two beautiful city ​​of Andalusia we recommend to consult Tour Granada and Seville: what to see and main attractions.

We decided to postpone the guide "Granada and Seville what to see" because the last two days of a 4 days tour of Andalusia can only end a Malaga from whose international airport, the most important of the Costa del Sol, you can easily reach theSpain.

Visit Malaga in two days: what to see and the most beautiful beaches

Considered "The Quintessence of Spain", the Malaga city it overlooks one of the most beautiful and evocative stretches of the famous coast Costa del Sol and, trust me, it's truly unbelievable.

One of the main ones Malaga attractions not to be missed is absolutely The Alcazaba, the Arab fortress that was built between 1057 and 1063.

The Alcazaba of Malaga it is the oldest Muslim building in the Spain and it was built on a rock in a panoramic position where Roman, Phoenician and Punic ruins once stood.

Another of the places of interest in Malaga nothing short of extraordinary is the Gibralfaro Castle which is located at a height of about 130 meters and offers breathtaking views and panoramas that you will hardly be able to admire elsewhere.

Built by Muslims during the fourteenth century, the Gibralfaro Castle it hosts the Centro de Interpretacion where, thanks to virtual itineraries, the entire history of the fortress is “illustrated”.

In the heart of the historic center of Malaga it is impossible not to visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation which was built between 1528 and 1783.

This church has an imposing facade with an incredible architecture while inside it treasures, preciously, works of art of inestimable value and also houses the very interesting Cathedral Museum.

On the second day, perhaps before leaving, you should relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga.

Malagueta Beach it is the beach that is located in front of the city center, it is wonderfully equipped, full of restaurants e Beach club and is characterized by the presence of numerous palm trees.

If you are looking for peace and quiet we recommend Penon del Cuervo beach which is located far from the neighborhoods busier than Malaga.

We just have to wish you a good trip!

Portugal and Andalusia: pictures and photos

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