New Year's Eve 2022 in New York and the United States

To celebrate the New Year 2022 in the United States, the destinations and the possible choices are really many. The New Year's Eve in New York is one of the favorite choices and locations in the world to celebrate the last and the first days of the year.

In addition to the Big Apple, there are many US states that are a great destination where to pass on December 31st and the days before and after. Many choose the states of California, Florida and the paradise islands of Hawaii, for the many offers for fun and the mild climate even during the winter period.

New Year's Eve in New York

New York it is certainly the most chosen destination to celebrate New Year's Eve in the United States, due to the many great events that take place in the city. Among all, the celebration of New Years Eve in Time Square it is the most important event not only of the Big Apple, but the most famous of the entire planet.

The arrival of the new year in the famous square begins with “Times Square Ball Drop”: a mega screen marks the arrival of midnight with its count down, while the famous and gigantic sphere descends and causes thousands of confetti to burst on the crowd. The event ends with i fireworks.

This historic event is a tradition that dates back to 1906, and every year, over a million people gather on the plaza in Times Square to celebrate and experience this free and memorable event. The celebration of the New Year's Eve in New York it is one of the most popular holidays in the world and remains a unique moment to live at least once in a lifetime.

For those who prefer the heat or more pleasant temperatures, California, Florida and Hawaii are the preferred choices.


New Year's Eve in California

La California even at this time of year it is not cold, thanks to the ocean currents. Los Angeles, San Diego and the southern part of the state enjoy a mild and still warm climate, while the city of San Francisco it is slightly cooler.

An excellent opportunity to visit the numerous amusement parks present in the area, but also for the many attractions and natural parks that offers the state of California.

New Year's Eve in San Francisco

San Francisco lights up with a thousand lights throughout the period of Christmas. But the climax of the celebrations is for the New Year. Tourists and residents of the Californian city gather at thePier to assist the magnificent fireworks on the bay.

This breathtaking show is one of the most unique New Year's Eve experiences in the United States. San Francisco offers awarm and relaxed atmosphere, and it's the perfect place to meet great people from all over the world.

If you are looking for a more intimate activity, you can't miss it a bonfire on the beach, overlooking the ocean and if you arrive at the right time even a beautiful sunset! San Francisco is the ideal city for young people who want to celebrate New Year's Eve in the USA.


New Year's Eve in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is famous for its rich cultural diversity and its ability to make the most extravagant dream come true. No other city can claim to be there entertainment capital of the world how is LA. So why not choose it to spend New Year's Eve? Los Angeles offers dozens of great opportunities to spend a happy last day of the year.

The locals love to party in "Hollywood" style. Sitting in the center of the Walk of Fame su Hollywood Boulevard, where the historic Egyptian theater hosts the annual Cleopatra’s Ball, enjoy the countdown that kicks off the party. Also unmissable Universal CityWalk Hollywood, ideal place to enjoy live music, which houses three areas to see the fireworks.


New Years in Florida

If you then chose the United States precisely to stay warm and have fun in the most beautiful theme parks, water parks and zoos of the world, the best choice is Florida. The main destinations are Miami and Orlando, the world capital of theme and amusement parks.

Celebrating Christmas and New Years in Florida allows you to spend this time on beautiful exotic beaches and do pleasant baths in the sea. This peninsula in the southern United States has everything a tourist could look for for fun.

New Year in Miami

Miami is certainly a great destination for those looking to celebrate New Year's Eve in the heat. This city in South Florida in addition to enjoying a mild climate even in winter, is an excellent choice for those looking for numerous parties for the night of December 31st and want to combine a pleasant beach holiday.

New Year's Eve in Orlando

Orlando needs no introduction, it is the amusement park capital of the world. In this city in the heart of Florida they are present the best theme parks and water parks on the planet, as well as unique and sensational attractions.

For those who want to spend the New Year in the amusement parks, this is the best choice. The parks of Disneyworld, The Universal Studios e SeaWorld they will be able to make you spend days of relaxation and fun with the whole family, and at the end of the evening, exciting fireworks displays.


New Year in Hawaii

For those who want sun, warmth, relaxation and a wonderful sea, combined with a tropical paradise landscape, there is no better destination than Hawaii islands in the Pacific Ocean. A dream archipelago, which has always been a destination for honeymooners and people who want to relax and enjoy one romantic couple vacation.

Main goal Honolulu, that offers a great and beautiful fireworks display, but to be enjoyed under the coconut trees! If you want to enjoy a romantic or family moment head to Waikiki Beach, its fireworks display will amaze you!

To celebrate the New Year a little more animatedly, you can participate in the "Party of the Year"ToAloha Tower MarketPlace, a place of celebration and fun with 8 different rooms with different music and fireworks.


New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

This city is known for its many clubs which each year host 300.000 people on New Year's Eve. Las Vegas has always represented the sparkle, the party, the exaggeration, a perfect place to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

On this occasion, the famous Strip is closed to traffic for a giant outdoor party … At midnight the various casinos on the long avenue shoot beautiful fireworks in a coordinated way. Las Vegas is really the "american show" for excellence!

In addition, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world offers a wide choice of shows and nightclubs. The parties are pushed to the max on this night and many stars participate!


New Year's Eve in Chicago

Chicago is not the first choice to celebrate the New Year, due to the freezing wind, but the city that wishes to soon become a popular New Year's Eve destination, since 2015 has started organizing numerous parties, such as the "ChiTown Rising".

Along the Chicago River various concerts, the fireworks it's a countdown mark the party for the arrival of the new year. Choirs, outdoor music performances, burlesque shows, etc. animate the Chicago New Year celebrations.

New Years Eve in New Orleans 

Known throughout the world for a great festive spirit, New Orleans certainly it is a destination that lives up to its reputation even for New Year's Eve.

Music in trendy clubsbar with charming balconies to watch midnight fireworks, cruises on the Mississippi, jazz music and much more, to make the celebrations a unique and unforgettable experience.

The French Quarter comes alive in the early evening in the area of Bourbon Street. The celebrations then spread to the area of Jackson Square, with musical groups and the famous lily flower, symbol of the city, which descends from the sky towards the crowd.


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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All from Holidays in America!!!

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