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A day in the alpine city of South Tyrol: between beautiful activities and breathtaking views. Ready to embark on the Sissi Path?

Merano is a splendid one Alpine town in South Tyrol which offers many activities to do and beauties to admire.

The city is famous not only for the Christmas markets but also for the spa and for the numerous nature trails, so it can be visited at any time of the year.

Merano and fairy tales

If you have one day to discover Merano you can plan your visit on the theme of fairy tales.

And what can be better than path of Sissi to start visiting the city on foot?

The path starts in Via Dante from Trauttmansdorff Castle a must not to be missed with 12 hectares of botanical garden!

The visit of the complex of the Gardens can take from 3 to 6 hours and is not allowed at certain times of the year when the Castle is also closed (the site is open to the public).

From via Dante continue for about a kilometer until you cross via Kirchsteig on the left.

Taking via Kirchsteig you go down for 300 meters until you reach the beautiful Elisabeth Park in which there is a wonderful Japanese maple that gives its best in autumn.

After the park you cross the Roman bridge and then turning left you find yourself on the Winter Promenade, one of the two banks of the Passirio river which divides the small town in two.

The roar of the river like music will be an excellent company along the way ...

From this point continue straight along the final stretch of the Sissi path which leads to the area where the very famous Christmas markets.

The markets also cross the street overlooked by the spa symbol of the South Tyrolean city: the Kurhaus.

It is in full Stadt Mitte (city center) a few steps from the Prince's Castle, the Cathedral and Porta Bolzano.

Here you can take a well-deserved lunch break in one of the many restaurants or bistros in the area.

Tappeiner Weg, panoramic trail

After the break, it's time to end the day in one of the most scenic trails in Merano: Tappeiner Weg.

Just go back to the Roman Bridge and follow the signs.

You have to climb a bit to reach the Powder Tower, the starting point of the Tappeiner walk.

From the top of the panoramic route you are immersed in the silence among the luxuriant vegetation, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd enjoying the privileged view over the city, especially the Cathedral of San Nicola that stands out with its rose-colored watch.

The path, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, winds for about 5,5 kilometers reaching the vicinity of Castello Fontana and St Magdalena.

To conclude in relaxation after the long walk one stop at the spa is the right reward at the end of the day ...

If you want to experience a fairytale day, choose Merano!

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