Aruba Caribbean Island Vacations

Holidays in Aruba useful tips, information and suggestions for an unforgettable trip to the Antilles

My husband and I decide to leave for Aruba with our children, to spend a different holiday than usual.

Aruba is an island located about thirty kilometers north of the Venezuelan coast and is considered the "pearl" of Lesser Antilles.

One happy Island is the motto of the island and all the plates and the stamp that you receive on your passport on arrival at customs bear it.

  • Aruba island guide, useful tips and information
  • Aruba's most beautiful beaches
  • Aruba itinerary, what to see and places to visit
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Aruba island guide, useful tips and information

THEisola it's not very big, but for a spit of land thirty kilometers long and at most six kilometers wide, the island has a lot to offer.

My advice is to rent an off-road vehicle, which is essential to reach the most scenic points of the northern part, and set off along the coast to see how, as soon as you leave the area where tourist development has concentrated, the island is largely wild. .

Costa Rei discos and night clubs

The first curious sight are the trees they call here divide divide, which the constantly blowing trade winds on the island bend into shapes so twisted that they resemble gigantic bonsai.

Aruba's most beautiful beaches

The splendid waters of Eagle beach, Palm Beach they made us fall in love with these are found along the coast of the "thousand resorts" while instead coconut beach e Baby Beach they remain on the opposite side (San Nicolas) all beautiful to be the envy of the whole world.

The waters have beautiful colors and it is difficult even to describe them, they go from emerald green to blue with a fine and very white strip of beach.

The birds flying over the area are plentiful.

Aruba itinerary, what to see and places to visit

The capital Oranjestad, is greatly affected by the Spanish and Dutch colonizers and indigenous peoples, who have influenced the customs and houses of the place.

In the city, we can admire the monument dedicated to Regina Winhelmina d'Olanda and the ancient lighthouse William III Tower, strolling through the different souvenir stalls and shops, people are really very friendly and kind, always ready to give you a smile.

The iguanas that camouflage in the trees are beautiful.

Another important step is the Aloe factory in fact, the production of Aruba has been part of the history of Aruba for many years.

Guided tour inside Aruba's Aloe Balm Factory and see the first-hand production process from aloe leaf to finished lotions and creams.

Let's go visit the The Old Mill which is an old windmill built in 1804 in Holland then shipped to Aruba.

It now features a moderately-priced restaurant that specializes in continental dining.

Let's go see the Lighthouse California, a huge white lighthouse that marks the start of the north coast.

We continue ours tour and we realize that the landscape is completely different from the other coast.

No more luxury resorts and no restaurants just lots of wild vegetation and black volcanic rocks.

Every corner of the coast is more and more beautiful, every point promises to be interesting for our souvenir photos.

A few more kilometers and we find the small Chiesa Alto Vista Chapel.

It is very pretty, too bad we can't find an unlit candle, but the important thing is to pray.

Aruba island excursions

We travel most of the way inside theArikok National Park, a jewel made of unusual rock formations, giant cacti, remains of Indian settlements, non-existent asphalt, luckily we rented a 4 × 4 jeep is really the only way to visit the hinterland of this fantastic island.

The journey we take is always on the coast and the gusts of wind that hit violently on the rocks of volcanic origin, reaching impressive heights are a little scary but at the same time the views of the sea are unforgettable.

Also unforgettable in Aruba was the horseback tour, along the coast up to Natural Pool and the visit to Guadirikiri Cave which is something spectacular.

Another splendid excursion was that of SunSet Cruise, aboard a beautiful catamaran, it is a pity that we received nothing more than a glass of coke.

Aruba when to go and climate

The best time to spend holidays in Aruba runs from mid-February to May where the risk of hurricanes is avoided.

From May to October the climate is muggy but it is made bearable by the blowing of the trade winds while from October to December small rains may occur.

The temperature never drops below 29 ° while that of the water always remains constant at 26 °.

The music, the people, the white seagulls flying over us and then how could we forget that sunset.

Aruba will always remain in our fondest memories.

Aruba photo gallery

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