Maso Limarò restaurant: taste in nature in Trentino

If you want to try a rustic and intimate tavern where you can feel at home and enjoy excellent traditional food, this is the post for you! Maso Limarò is ready to welcome you, in the magical Trentino.

Pasta, bread and pizza. Dishes that are never lacking in our traditional cuisine and that meet the tastes of everyone, young and old. And if I told you that there is a place where there are dishes created with a bread that is believed to be a pizza, would you believe it? Let's go and discover it together and get ready for some delicious combinations, which will leave you breathless. Which club am I talking about? Of the Maso Limarò restaurant in Trentino!

Maso Limarò restaurant in Trentino

We are at the crossroads between the Valle del Sarca, Comano and the Lakes. Three wonderful places in Trentino, halfway between Trento and Lake Garda. An old farm has been refurbished to house this lovely farm not far from the spectacular Brenta Dolomites and the magnificent Lake Garda. In short, the ideal place to stop before discovering the surrounding area.

How to get there

Go up from Sarche along the road that goes towards Comano Terme. This is a road that leads into the mountains, so be prepared for a few turns. Nothing to worry about, it is a main road and a link between large valleys, therefore very comfortable and paved. Suddenly you will pass a tunnel and just outside the exit you will find the sign indicating the Maso. Turn right and a little further down you will reach the destination. Sports enthusiasts can also reach it by bike or on foot along the cycle-pedestrian path that runs along the road for a while and then enters the Limarò gorge. A gorge, carved into the rock by the river of the same name below, will certainly be appreciated by young and old.

Maso Limarò: the place

The place is not very big. It feels a bit like being in one rustic tavern, in short, you feel at home. Different wooden tables and chairs make the place very pleasant and informal, giving the feeling of being in a family environment.
Outside there is a large and beautiful table to share with friends, or complete strangers, to make new friends and share excellent and tasty deals. The restaurant, which has some rooms with bed & breakfast formula, is surrounded by nature and it can happen to come across some roe deer in the front lawn, especially in the evening. It takes silence and patience and a bit of luck, but perseverance will almost certainly pay off!

What are we eating

Pizza or Bread? When will you go to the Maso Limarò in Trentino you don't have to choose! Better to opt for an excellent mix between these two typical dishes of our beautiful country. The dough is made with flours of different cereals, all stone ground and with a slow leavening, which gives that extra touch to every bite. Goat ricotta, smoked trout fillet, black olive powder and the inevitable carne salada are just some of the ingredients you can choose from to enjoy a tasty dinner. There is also no lack of seasonal delicacies, such as pumpkin in the autumn period. All washed down with locally produced and artisanal beers and wines, which enhance the dishes and brighten up the meals. Leave a space for the dessert, which you can choose from among the proposals of the dining room staff, all strictly homemade.

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