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  • Oslo pass, information and useful tips
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  • Oslo Opera House
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Oslo pass, information and useful tips

Oslo is the most populous city in the Norway and it is also its capital.

It is surrounded by many mountains and hills in fact, it is located at the bottom of the Oslofjord, a fjord within the Basin of the Skagerrak.

The life of this magnificent city is concentrated in the old part and the main street Karl Johans Gate, where most of the historic buildings overlook, it is about a kilometer and a half long.

Oslo is a city that offers a lot and to visit it and to move freely we recommend that you buy the card Oslo pass.

Thanks to 'Oslo Pass all the public transport they are completely free, you can visit over 30 museums for free, the municipal car parks are all free and you can have lots of discounts for other attractions in the city.

Oslo what to see and places to visit

Ad Oslo there is so much to see among churches, monuments and attractions.

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We of the Forbookinglovers.com staff we give you some tips on what to see in Oslo:

Oslo Viking Ship Museum

Il The Viking Ship House or the Viking Ship Museum it is one of the most beautiful museums in the world as it hosts, inside, the nave in Gokstad, nave di Oseberg and ship of Tune which are the three Viking ships par excellence.

In addition to the ships you can admire everything about theera of the Vikings such as carts, fabrics, artifacts and tools.

Oslo Opera House

THEOslo Opera House it is the most impressive building in the city.

Inaugurated in 2008, this facility covers 38.000 square meters and consists of three stages and a total of 1.100 rooms.

Oslo's landmark Opera House has been visited by over 15 million tourists so far and the most spectacular feature of this mammoth structure is the pitched marble roof which rises directly from the Oslofjord.

Oslo Royal Palace

Il Royal Palace of Oslo it was built in the first half of the XNUMXth century at the behest of Charles XIV, king of Sweden.

It is currently the official residence of the Norwegian monarchy and is nestled in the heart of the Slottsparken one of the most beautiful city parks in all of Oslo.

Oslo Munch Museum

Il Munch Museum hosts over 3000 drawings 1100 paintings and 18000 lithographs that the artist left to the city of Oslo.

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Located in the Toyen area the museum is open every day from 10 to 18 and the main attractions are there Madonna and the very famous Munch's scream.

Oslo Cathedral

La Oslo cathedral or the Church of Our Savior it is one of the major attractions in terms of the architecture of the city.

It is really very beautiful but above all very particular thanks to its imperious stained glass windows made by the Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland.

More things to see in Oslo I'm:

  • Fram Museum
  • Akershus Fortress
  • Kon-Tiki Museet
  • Municipality of Oslo (Oslo City Hall)
  • Sculpture park
  • Vigeland Park

Oslo Hotel and where to sleep

There are over 50 in Oslo hotels of all tastes and budgets.

All hotels are modern and state of the art and offer all comfort necessary for a peaceful and pleasant stay.

The most famous hotels areHotel Continental,Oslo Grand Hotel and Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel.

Of course you will find here pensions, apartments and , bad e breakfast e campgrounds.

Oslo temperatures and climate

Il climate of Norway it is very special because it can change at any time.

In any case, the temperatures of Oslo, in the colder months, they are between -2 ° and -7 ° while in the warmer months they oscillate between 9 ° and 22 °.

Oslo Pictures and photos

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