Norway: from the Lofoten islands to the North Cape

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Are you ready to leave with me for Norway?

After group travel a Cuba and Jordan and the one scheduled for the Japan in June, I'll take you with me from the Lofoten islands to the North Cape to enjoy the midnight sun.

We will start from Oslo to reach in flight Bodø, in the north of the country. From there we will take the car and head towards Lofoten islands, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world located at 68th parallel (well above the Arctic Circle!). Yes, you got it right, we will travel on one of the most incredible scenic roads in the world, which is the one that, through an intricate system of tunnels and bridges, connects the Lofoten islands to the mainland. I don't even want to imagine how many stops we will make to take pictures !!

From there the journey will continue with several stops along the fjords towards Harstad, Tromso and Alta until you reach the coveted North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe, where the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean mix.

I can't wait and you ???

The trip is organized by WeRoad the new and young tour operators which offers trips with different types of MOOD (Nature and Adventure, Monuments and History, Sea and Relax, City and Culture, Party and Nightlife), built (but not too much) for young people between 25 and 45 years.

Departure date

4 July 2018 with return on 12 July

Travel itinerary


Welcome to Oslo!

Check-in at the hotel, welcome dinner and first outing to discover Oslo by night, between the sparkling life of the center and the incredible contemporary buildings on the sea.


Bodø and Lofoten

The second day we wake up early to begin this adventure in the northern seas. By plane you can reach Bodø, one of the most prosperous cities in Norway. Here there are artists and artisans of all kinds and if you are a lover of craftsmanship you can visit workshops of master glassmakers and jewelers. With a glass of wine, we will have lunch on the dock where sea eagles fly high across the horizon. This natural spectacle is truly incredible, while during the winter, if you are lucky, you can admire the Northern Lights from here. After lunch we will recover the car and board the ferry to the Lofoten archipelago. This journey will allow us to immerse ourselves in the natural scenery of Norway, crossing the North Sea.

 The Lofoten, between fishermen and technology

We will arrive in Moskenes in the evening, just 1.200 inhabitants who live on an island carved by glaciers that over time have created one of the most fascinating views in all of Norway. A salmon dinner is mandatory!


Reine, Bøstad and Svolvær: between nature, engineering and traces of an ancient people

The third day will begin the journey to the north. We spend the morning in the nearby Reine: one of the most incredible places in Lofoten. This fishing village is divided into many islands, connected to each other by bridges and roads.
Reine looks like a village built with lego and offers the possibility of trekking, cycling to discover the islands and local fauna. This is the kingdom of puffins, half penguins and half birds.

Before lunch we drive along the E10, one of the most amazing engineering works ever built. Inserted among the list of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the world, we will cross it remaining breathless on the many bridges that make it up.
For lunch we stop at the Lofotr Vikingmuseum in Bøstad, a fundamental step to contextualize this journey in the ancient land of the Vikings, discover how they lived and what they ate. Let us grow beards or braids, put on a helmet and go and taste together the very good and ancient Njord soup, a creamy dish made with vegetables, leeks, salmon, shrimps and wolffish, a kind of fish typical of the northern seas. Everything will be served with Viking bread.

One hour later the day will end in Svolvær, a city of 4.500 people with a truly vibrant and active life. Here there will be many restaurants, pubs and bars where you can rest and retrace everything we have already done.


Harstad: Ascent north

The fourth day pushes us further and further north. From Svolvær we will travel about 200km of E10 between fjords, islands and incredible landscapes. It is impossible to calculate the amount of stops we will make to stop to admire and photograph the incredible natural beauties and villages that enrich this route. We will arrive in Harstad in the early afternoon. This is one of the largest towns in the archipelago and this is where we will spend the night.

Harstad is a small town, but one of the most important in the entire archipelago. Here we will spend the night and we will have the opportunity to visit the village famous mainly for 2 things. Trondenes Kirke and the Adolfkanonen cannon. Trondenes Kirke is the northernmost Christian church in Norway. Built in 1150, it is one of the most important monuments in the whole country. While Adolfkanonen is an incredible relic from WWII and is considered the largest cannon in the world.
But you cannot miss moments of relaxation in pure Norwegian style. For those who want, we can visit the Grottebadet, a complex of pools, slides and Turkish baths built 150 meters deep in a hill. Bathing under a rock ceiling will be an incredible experience.


Tromsø: relax e shopping

The distance that separates us from Tromsø is 300 km but the beauty of the road, the villages we will meet and the activities that await us in the city will be a fair reward. Depart early in the morning to arrive in Tromsø in time for check-in and lunch.

The best way to see Tromso? From above! Here is a famous funicular that takes you to the top of the Storsteinen mountain. From here the view is sensational: we will be able to see the surrounding fjords, mountains and islands. In addition, from June to August it is possible to go kayaking for an outing with the midnight sun.


High: higher and higher, the north is near

Getting to Alta is the longest way, but it's worth it. The closer we get to the north, the more incredible and unsettling the landscape becomes. It is also here that we will be able to visit the largest rock carving site, a UNESCO heritage site.
Here you can walk around a rock on which engravings by hunters and fishermen were left between 2000 and 6200 years ago. It will be amazing to see how so many years ago men already lived in this incredibly beautiful territory, but as difficult as few. Before evening a cocktail awaits us in the "ice bar" and a sauna in one of the many equipped facilities in the area.


North Cape: the northernmost point in the world, here we are!

We are finally ready for the North Cape, which is the northernmost point in Europe, where the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean mix. Imagine the thrill of arriving here and looking out over the boundless sea, knowing that the sun will never set from May to July. Ice, very white colors and intense light will envelop you in an experience that is difficult to tell and that must be lived at least once in a lifetime! But the North Cape island also has other incredible sights to see, such as the impressive natural arch of Kirkeporten and the northernmost fishing villages in the world. And it is in one of these remote villages that we will stay overnight.


Oslo: back to the city and Nordic flavors

With the incredible images of the North Cape indelible in our minds, we leave this wild land by returning to Alta, where a flight to Oslo awaits us from the northernmost commercial airport in Europe.
Oslo, the city where it all began, will welcome us again for a last dinner together. Emotions, friendship, incredible images… we will share together this journey to the borders of Europe and the world.
It is in Oslo that we will stay overnight for the last night.


We go back home: check out and greetings

The participation fee

The participation fee is of  1299 €, to which you will have to add the cost of the volo and about 200-250 euros of common fund for some transfers and for petrol. I remind you that everyone is free to buy the flight they prefer, the important thing is to show up for the appointment on July 4th at the hotel in Oslo. At this link you will find all the information in more detail.

The participation fee of 1299 € include:

  • 8 nights in a multiple room
  • The welcome dinner
  • Noleggio auto
  • Internal flight Oslo-Bodo
  • Domestic flight Alta-Oslo
  • Goodbye dinner
  • The assistance of the coordinator
  • Medical insurance - baggage.

Let's get to know each other before leaving

Weroad has created this Facebook group where you can find travel companions and get to know other participants to dream together.

I am no longer in the skin and you are ready to leave with me?

Write me for any information !!


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