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    Where to sleep in Oslo: Scandic St. Olavs plass, review

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    The review of the Scandic St. Olavs plass Hotel in Oslo, a clean hotel with design rooms. The breakfast is plentiful and of superior quality compared to other local hotels.

    I have always loved the chain Scandic and never once has it disappointed me, that's why if you have to stay in Northern Europe and maybe it's your first time, I recommend you rely on this chain, in my opinion you won't be disappointed.

    Let's start with order. L'Scandic St. Olavs hotels plass is 10 minutes from Oslo train station, just take a tram and make two stops, 10 minutes walk and that's it. From here, again in 10 minutes but in another direction, you can reach the National Gallery, the City Hall and the port of Oslo, all very close.

    What did I really like about this hotel?

    Several things, I admit. First of all the design. Tastefully decorated, but that's not enough, Nordic style, spacious rooms, at least mine also had a sofa in the room and a small table with two chairs. Colorful room and large bathroom. Wifi working and fast, the mini bar I have not noticed, but I have not even looked for it.

    Another thing that I really liked is that, being this Hotel also popular in the evening for the restaurant and bar, there is the double checkin, let's call it that. Both in the lift, which makes you go up to the floors only with the hotel card, and on the floors, which makes you access the corridor, always and only with the hotel card, finally you enter your room, always with the same card. A bit of a nuisance, you might think, but absolutely a guarantee in terms of safety, especially if you are staying with children, even if mine had learned to call the elevator and get inside!

    Another super positive note is the restaurant

    Il restaurant of the Hotel Scandic St. Olavs plass, it doesn't even look like a restaurant inside a hotel. The dishes are beautiful and elaborate, as well as the environment, the dishes, the dishes are cared for and also very good. The service is fast and ready, it doesn't really seem to be in the Hotel and the view on the square is not bad either. For those wishing to vary, perhaps staying several evenings, there is a Italian restaurant and not far away a pizzeria that has very little of Italian but where the pizzas are not bad and cheap, which if you think that everything in Oslo is very expensive, it is not bad. We made the last dinner with pizza in the room while watching the cartoons, to Giulio's delight.

    Rich and quality breakfast

    The breakfast is another super plus point of this Hotel. Very rich and quality with a corner for celiacs, which is not for everyone, complete with a toaster specifically for gluten allergy sufferers. Muffins with chocolate and fresh berries every morning, so sweet but also a lot of salty, with different varieties of fish, not even to say a lot of salmon and organic jams of different flavors. Black and white bread, with grains and smooth. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food which, even in this case, gave the whole idea of ​​being in a 5-star restaurant.

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