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    By train from Stockholm to Oslo, low cost tips

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    Book your train journey from Stockholm to Oslo easily online, here are some travel tips from those who have already been there.

    La Scandinavia you know, it is certainly not an economic destination. Despite the connection of low-cost flights between the main and Scandinavian capitals, everything in the Nordic countries has a rather high price: sleeping, eating, visiting museums, getting around the city, moving from one city to another.


    Certainly, some easy tips allow you to save where possible, such as on sleeping or on internal means of transport in the capitals, especially in Stockholm, voted for years as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

    However, food and museum entrances remain the big sore points of a trip to Scandinavia: it is difficult to find low cost places that are also of quality for meals and it is equally difficult to find economic alternatives to museum entrances.

    However, if you want to spend a few days in the north, passing from one country to another, in this case there is a very affordable solution even for us "poor Italians": train of the SJ railways swedes that connects the central station Stockholm with that of Oslo, in just 5 hours of travel.

    The route that connects the two capitals of Sweden and Norway is a solution for those who intend to visit both countries and what lies in between, despite having little time and a limited budget. The trains are high-speed, efficient, clean, comfortable and in just 5 hours of travel they will take you from one city to another, showing the unique landscapes of the first Swedish and then Norwegian countryside.

    In this way you have the opportunity to reach one of the two cities in half a day, but above all you have the opportunity to be able to do a full immersion in woods, lakes, wheat fields, red farms with the typical white profiles and many towns to postcard. The journey crosses Sweden horizontally, also passing through the beautiful lakes region, stopping at Karlstad, to continue in the direction of the Norwegian border, where nature is immediately more wild and rocky.

    Booking is very simple railway company SJ has a site in two languages, including English where you can enter the departure, destination and times you want, with discounts for young people up to 25 years (even non-students). Prices vary according to the time and period in which you travel, but if you book at least 3 weeks in advance, you can find very economical solutions, for example 24 euros per person per way.

    Travel by train from Stockholm to Oslo it is a convenient as well as economic solution, because it allows you to reach the two central stations, which are located in the heart of the two capitals and are perfectly connected with each neighborhood. Above all, the train journey between the two cities is to be experienced for the landscapes that can be seen, in one of the most scenic routes in northern Europe.

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